How to get leads as a loan officer

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A Modern Guide to Mortgage Lead Generation for Loan Officers

how to get leads as a loan officer

How to get Realtors to work with you! - Mortgage Loan Officers and Mortgage Brokers WATCH THIS!

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My mortgage origination career ended in In , I closed loans. By the time I left the business in March of , I had already closed 77 loans. I had an online social media strategy, long before it was mainstream. When I left the mortgage business, I decided to start a new life helping loan officers close loans from social media leads. Every time you close a loan, ask them to connect. Then periodically, check in with them through DM and ask for referrals in a cool way.

Mar 10, Even in , the year I discovered Facebook, I would get leads from the a new life helping loan officers close loans from social media leads.
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Consistently generating enough mortgage leads every month to keep a pipeline full is one of the most difficult aspects of the mortgage industry for loan officers. The reality of the matter is that the vast majority of LOs would tell you they have the capacity to work MANY more quality leads than they are getting. The most stable way to get consistent high-quality leads is through traditional word-of-mouth referral marketing. LOs develop relationships with real estate agents, business professionals, and former clients in order to have a steady stream of mortgage leads coming your way. That is the dream funnel of career originators. If there is a problem with this strategy it is that it takes a long time to develop those relationships. It is also incredibly difficult to win over a referral partner that already has other preferred relationships.

As a loan officer, your primary goal is to determine the best mortgage loan program for your customer and of course, close the loan. You know understanding details like property type, loan amount, credit score etc. So how can you attract more business? You may want to begin by doing some research to learn about specific products and services that can help your customers. For example, you may not want to start a conversation with a first-time homebuyer the same way you would with someone who has already gone through the mortgage process. Make use of information that will have the most impact on your audience.

Ways to Generate Mortgage Referrals

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10 Ways To Generate Mortgage Leads Quickly From Social Media

But what helps you remain top of mind when it matters most? You can use both email and direct mail to help you through this process! Start off by reaching out to a client immediately after they submit a mortgage application with a handwritten thank you note. Then, after the deal closes, send another care package and thank you note to show your sincere gratitude. When searching for real estate agents to partner with, try to avoid the major agents with tons of listings. These agents most likely have an experience lender they already rely on.

Show less A mortgage lead is a potential customer for a mortgage loan. Mortgage loan professionals, including mortgage brokers, mortgage loan originators and loan officers, rely on mortgage leads that they can turn into borrowers.

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