Do contestants on the voice get to keep their clothes

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The Voice fans have noticed something VERY strange about the judges this series

do contestants on the voice get to keep their clothes

Are you ready for another season of 'The Voice'? However, the contestants do get a bit of a warm-up before they tape their audition. Contestants have to supply their own clothes for the blind auditions, but things get a to create an overall look for their contestants, while other coaches prefer to keep it.


Viewers have questioned why the judges haven't changed their clothes yet. Fans of The Voice have noticed something very odd about the judges - they haven't changed their clothes all series! But each week that blind auditions have been shown - with those famous spinning chairs - judges Jennifer Hudson, will. Viewers of the show have been left baffled as to why the judges - and presenter Emma Willis - have been in the same clothes throughout the entire series so far. Fans are wondering if the scores of blind auditions are all filmed in one very long day, while others just said they hope the judges have been washing their clothes before wearing them again every Saturday.

Spinning chairs. Battle rounds. Blake Shelton. These are just some of the reasons why The Voice has powered through five years and 11 seasons so far. The Voice does not hold stadium-style auditions.

Blair in an Oscar de la Renta loaner and a woefully underdressed Chuck Bass. Screengrab: 'Gossip Girl'. This time of the year is always bittersweet for me. Yes, spring has arrived , but so has the end of the traditional TV season although cable has filled in what used to be the warm weather programming drought with hits like "Game of Thrones". While must-watch shows like "How to Get Away With Murder" and "Empire" just concluded their debut runs, some beloved series are completely over. The number one rule of thumb that audiences might not realize is that the costumes are officially property of the studio producing the show. Every piece is documented, photographed, logged, tagged and stored, and the wardrobe is meticulously audited when a show wraps.

The contestants get a lot of exposure, which could lead to a following and money they could potentially cash in on. It takes a lot of time and effort to stay on a competitive reality show! So what is the best case scenario for each contestant? That could be potentially life changing and there have been some singers who have become successful after the show. Before we answer that question we should probably look into the money behind the singing show. Do they actually have the money to pay their contestants if they wanted to? The answer is a resounding yes!

Photo: Courtesy Erin Hirsh. Erin Hirsh is the mastermind behind The Voice contestants. Throughout the show, their styles evolve, and by the end you can see the kind of artists they hope to become. The looks are due to Ms. Hirsh planned on becoming a professional dancer, but fell into styling after costuming her dances.


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This Is How 'The Voice's' Stylist Elevates Performance Looks a laugh as she recalled getting organized for The Voice's first season in The first season we would literally have to shuttle all our contestants' wardrobe to the stage. There you can find a rack of men's clothing for judge Blake Shelton;.
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  1. Answered Apr 15, I believe the show has a wardrobe crew that dresses the contestants, but they don't get to keep the clothes. views.

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