How to get videos on instagram to play

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How to Stop Instagram Auto Play Videos

how to get videos on instagram to play

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Instagram is a simple and fun way to share photos, messages and also videos with friends and family. It is popular among ordinary people and also celebrities. But your happy browsing on Instagram could be ruthlessly interrupted when you have a problem with Instagram video playback. Many users report that Instagram videos can play for a couple of seconds only and then just buffer with camera icon blinking or won't play at all. Sometimes, it shows up as white screen while audio plays.

Instagram may be down temporarily or there could be a problem with your Internet connection. The first thing you could try is to check your wifi connection. Make sure it connects to your Wi-Fi network. If this keeps happening if you are on iOS then check out my article on what to do if your Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting. If you already know how to do this on your Android device then go ahead.

TNW uses cookies to personalize content and ads to make our site easier for you to use. From the home page, tap the profile tab on the bottom right corner. Tap that and then enjoy the feeling that is your blood pressure returning to normal levels. Facebook built the auto-play feature so that videos start when you stop scrolling on your feed with at least half of an image displayed. Once you scroll away, the video resets. The reaction to Instagram videos has been mixed.

Playing video on Instagram should not be a problem. But somehow it has become a problem to a few Android, iPhone, iPad, Chrome users. These users complained that the Instagram videos will stop playing after a few seconds or won't play at all. To be specific, the users found that:. So how to play Instagram videos? To fix the problem, here we conclude all tricks to fix Instagram not playing problem.

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