How do you get a mole to stop bleeding

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OT: Oww, help! Mole that won't stop bleeding.

how do you get a mole to stop bleeding

How to Identify Moles and Melanoma - OnlineDermClinic

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Learn more about treating nicks and cuts from PopSugar! We've all done it. It's the painful moment when the razor sweeps across the skin in the most awkward of ways, cutting us and causing an unbelievable amount of bleeding. While we try to be careful to prevent major cuts from happening, sometimes nicks can get the best of us. There are far better methods to treating them than the classic toilet-paper scrap, though. Check out these seven surprising ways to stop bleeding from razor nicks. Use eye drops.

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Although it may not be serious, a mole that bleeds is a possible sign of melanoma ó a rare but serious skin cancer that can spread if left untreated. Being evaluated by a dermatologist once a year and checking your skin regularly are two excellent steps you can take to catch melanoma and other types of skin cancer early. The sooner skin cancer is found, the better the chances are of curing it. Moles are groups of pigment cells, and nearly everyone has them. A change in a mole ó or a new mole ó can be a first sign of melanoma. Melanoma develops in cells called melanocytes that produce melanin ó the pigment that gives your skin its color. One of the most important things you can do is to become familiar with the location and pattern of your moles, and monitor for changes.

Mayo Clinic Q and A: Donít let a bleeding mole go unchecked

Do You Have Skin Cancer?

A bleeding mole is usually nothing to worry about. Just like any other patch of skin on your body, a mole will bleed if you scratch it e.
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I was on the phone to my brother just now, so was distracted when I got an itch on my back. I have psoriases all over so it's not unusual but instead I scratched and took a piece out of a mole that's just above my bra strap. Bloody hurt too. Mole is about 7mm diameter and have always kept an eye on it to make sure it doesn't change shape etc. It's never bled before but I've never scratched it before, there's a small flap kind of hanging off. It won't stop bleeding, and it' s bleeding quite a lot.


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