How to get the purple bow in der eisendrache

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Zombies Der Eisendrache - How to get Wrath of the Ancients (Bow)

how to get the purple bow in der eisendrache

Der Eisendrache Void/Purple Bow Quest: Part 1 (Black Ops 3 Zombies Funny Moments and Fails)

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Shoot the purple Void symbol on the ceiling of the castle gate room next to Double Tap with Wrath of the Ancients to drop the broken arrow, then pick it up. In the room underneath Clock Tower, get a melee kill directly on top of the glowing purple slab to break it. Go up to the Statue Room next to power and interact with the statues to display a random purple symbol that corresponds to that statue. Kill zombies until the symbols are dropped like power-ups and collect them and light them up by the urn in the room below Clock Tower. The hole beneath the urn should shoot up a column of purple if the name is spelled correctly, interact with it to fix the arrow, then interact again to collect the arrow. Bring the arrow to the Void Bow holder in the pyramid room and interact with it to place the arrow and get a max ammo.

Wrath of the Ancients is an extremely powerful Wonder Weapon in Der Eisendrache that is a bow that starts off with 60 arrows. This guide basically details how to acquire Wrath of the Ancients and upgrade it to 4 different variations. This guide outlines different steps involved in acquiring Wrath of the Ancients and upgrading it to 4 different variations. The Wrath of the Ancient is a special weapon also knowns as the Wonder Weapon which is made of bones and has the ability to fire flame-tipped arrows. The bow has an ammunition capacity of 60 arrows that can also be charged before firing by holding the trigger button. The bow is very useful against Panzer Soldat owing to its splash damage when the arrow is charged.

Zombies Der Eisendrache - How to get Wrath of the Ancients (Bow) Below are the steps required to upgrade to the electric purple bow: 1.
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Get the Wrath of The Antients bow which is done by filling up all 3 dragons with zombies which are located in the second courtyard by trap doors, the research lab and in the pyramid room, once these have been filled up as you go upstairs back towards the research lab, you will see a tomb and behind that tomb the wall has opened up revealing the Wrath of The Antients Bow. Head over to the double tap area and go to the gobble gum machine and look up or go upstairs onto the bridge on top of this and look for a purple symbol which you fully charge your bow and shoot, it will then drop an arrow, pick it up to proceed. Go to the trophy room and you will see a purple square on the floor, what you have to do here is melee kill a zombie near it and the floor tile will break, once it does and you see the urn interact with it and it will rise from the floor. Listen to the quote. Not every office chair will do. Head back to the trophy room and listen to the quote. Here you have to make sacrifices in this room but it has to be crawler zombies so make around 6 crawlers and then listen out for the next quote.

Der Eisendrache Guide

BEST WOLF BOW UPGRADE GUIDE [EASY] Black Ops 3 Zombies Der Eisendrache Easter Egg Guide / Tutorial

Der Eisendrache: How To Get The Void Bow

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No nonsense, just facts. You need the upgraded void bow for the full Der Eisendrache easter egg so make sure you follow this tutorial carefully! Alternative names: Purple bow, void bow, skull bow, skullcrusher bow, portal bow, energy bow, keeper bow, plantpot bow, shadow man bow, dark bow, shadow bow, apothicon bow, melon bow. Tried my best to make this the best fire bow upgrade guide. Looking for "Call of Duty Zombies"? You're in the right place. Let's hang out.


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  1. Second, go on near double tap then look up on the ceiling where you will see a COD BO3 Der Eisendrache Skull Bow Guide Place your bow on the box and now you have upgraded skull or purple bow (whatever you want to call it).

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