How to get the most lumber out of a log

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How to Mill Imperfect Logs

how to get the most lumber out of a log

How To Saw Your Own Spalted Lumber From Logs

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I thought I could remember some one new to milling asking about how to get the most out of a log. So today when I was sawing I took a pick of what I did when first starting. Today I was sawing for a customer that wanted a few 2x8's as well as 2x6 so the reasoning for this configuration. Normally when sawing I stick to what ever dimension I'm making for the whole log and will only cut 1" lumber off the sides making the cant to keep from getting big slabs and wasting wood. I laid it out with a level from the center of the small end hope this is of some help in answering the question without a pic.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. And, even better, your chances of coming upon some of these logs for free is much higher than perfect, straight logs. Flairs make logs harder to roll in a straight line and because they cause logs to lie at an angle when loaded onto a sawmill, but you dont have to cut off that length if you want to mill it. Your best bet is to trim off the sides so you don't lose any good length.

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There are many different sawing methods and techniques to turn logs into lumber To get you started, here is an introductory course in sawing your logs to lumber . every piece of lumber must be edged after it has been sawn to get the highest value. If needed, the boards are then edged by sawing the rough edge off.
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I've read articles explaining the differences between flatsawn and quartersawn lumber. Over the years, I've also seen the term "riftsawn lumber," but I've never seen a definition for it. Does riftsawn lumber have any special properties or uses? She explained that boards riftsawn from a log resemble the spokes on a bicycle wheel. The cut follows a path from the center, and travels at an angle across the tree to the outside. Quartersawn lumber, on the other hand, is cut straight from the core to the outside.

Salvaging dead or dying trees, and milling the logs into lumber is a great experience. It is part of the powerful connection I feel with the land, and I am always delighted to share it with my friends and customers. If you have it in mind to hire a sawyer with a portable sawmill to cut lumber for a chicken coop, front porch, or a full-sized home, there are some things you can do before, during, and after the milling to make it go more smoothly. Finding a good sawyer can be challenging. Woodweb and Forestry Forum are common hangouts for sawyers with internet connections. Some custom sawyers even have their own web sites. If a portable mill is coming to your place, a certain amount of preparation will save you time and money, and will yield more usable lumber.

Cutting Your Trees Into Your Own Lumber, Part 1

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