How to get rid of spam emails on iphone 6

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Quick Tips to Make iPhone No Spam Messages, Calls or Junk Mail Ever

how to get rid of spam emails on iphone 6

Hi 19Sharon50, I understand you want to remove spam or junk messages from the mail on your iPhone. I know it's important to have control.

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Show less This wikiHow teaches you how to block an email address on your iPhone or iPad. Blocking an email address sends further emails from an email address to your spam folder. You can block emails from Gmail using the Gmail app. For other email services, you need to block an email address using the desktop website. You can view the desktop website on your computer, or by requesting the desktop website in the Safari app for iPhone and iPad.

Technology Explained. There are many legitimate reasons to block an email sender. Blocking in iOS only affects phone calls, FaceTime, and messages. If you have multiple email accounts, you may end up with multiple email apps on your device for this reason. Most email filtering takes place on the server.

Q: How do I block an unwanted email sender? Q: How do I block junk mail from going to my iPhone and iPad? The block on my PC did the job, but for some reason, my iPhone and iPad cannot tell the difference. Please help! I can't stand getting bogus emails all day long! Part 1. In addition to facilitating our use of telephone and short messages, iPhone also allows us to send and receive emails anytime and anywhere, which is of great convenience for our work and life.

Block or unsubscribe from emails

Unsolicited bulk emails are commonly called junk mail or spam. Here's why you might get junk mail, and what you can do about it., This can lead to more junk mail.


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