Fallout 76 blade of bastet

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Blade of Bastet

fallout 76 blade of bastet

r/fo Welcome to the Fallout Network subreddit for Fallout to indicate that the Blade of Bastet does more damage to animals than my Hunter's legendary.

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The wasteland of West Virginia in Fallout 76 is a dangerous place. With a whopping 53 ballistic damage and a medium speed, the Blade of Bastet is one of the best one-handed melee weapons in Fallout 76 hands down. It even has increased armor penetration to boot. However, it does have a few downsides, namely its hefty weight of 10, and its required minimum and crafting level of And for that, you get a two-handed melee weapon that dishes out 42 ballistic damage per swing. You happy now? Well, you should be, because this two-handed melee weapon has a minimum level of 15 same for crafting, too , and has a very fast swing speed.

You need to complete this "sub-quest" to complete one of the objectives of the Novice of Mysteries quest. I've accepted the mission labeled "The Blade of Bastet. The Blade of Bastet is the Mistress' legendary sword. In order to make my own Blade, I first need to attach a swing analyzer to my sword. I can get one from the Fabricator. In order to make my own Blade, I need to find a historic sword and pick up a swing analyzer from the Fabricator. In order to make my own Blade, I need to find a historic sword and attach the swing analyzer to it.

When you take on the Novice of Mysteries side quest as part of the Order of Mysteries faction quest-line, the quest proceeds to give you three different objectives. Each of these forms a separate quest of its own, and each involves crafting a particular item. This quest requires you to craft the legendary Blade of Bastet. Just as at the start of Chasing Shadows, you then need to use Cryptos to learn what you need to make the Blade of Bastet. This location is north of Riverside Manor, in the Savage Divide.

As far as post-apocalyptic nuclear dystopian video games go, it's hard to get weirder than Fallout Long-term fans of the Fallout franchise love the unpredictability that the post-nuclear war environment can bring. In the franchise, some vaults were built for people to simply live and wait out the apocalypse, while others were constructed to experiment on the very people stuck within. The technology that survived to assist players is a strange combination of s optimism and alternative nuclear tech. This combination of circumstances leads to a game environment where players can run into zombie-like human survivors, psychopathic robots, secret societies, and all manner of horrific monsters with mysterious origins. Nuclear war has not been kind to anyone involved, and it will take more than just some great weapons and protective suits to survive.

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Fallout 76 has more stuff trying to kill you than ever before, with other humans being other players that are more likely to shoot first. Perhaps the only way to get an enemy off your back is to make them eat a Fat Man nuke. In this guide, we will go over how to make them, finding and applying mods, and a weird quirk with condition. At any Weapon Workbench, you can make your own weapons provided that you have the relevant materials. This is also conveniently where you repair items, which is important because broken weapons do nothing for you and perfect condition weapons can be scrapped for an increased chance to obtain the recipe for that weapon. One of the stranger and unexplained things about Fallout 76 is no matter which weapon you create or find out in the wild, it will have a different maximum condition. For a visual demonstration of this click play on the GIF above.

The Blade of Bastet is a unique weapon in Fallout The Blade of Bastet is based on the iconic weapon of the same name used by the fictional hero the Mistress of Mystery. The Order of Mysteries fabricated these recreations using historic swords, such as Grant's saber , and the swing analyzer modification after it has recorded the wielder's sword fighting stance and style. Crafting a Blade of Bastet requires a Blade of Bastet as one of the materials, and it cannot be crafted without one. This also applies to the upgraded levels, each requires the prior Blade of Bastet to make the improved version.

Fallout 76 Forging a Legend Walkthrough

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View guide index. Discover the complete unfolding of this quest in our Fallout 76 Walkthrough. You will have to complete three new objectives to end this quest. Chasing Shadows Phantom Device:. Go to the North Cutthroat Camp picture7.

Blade of Bastet is an unique melee weapon in Fallout These swords are made in the style of 7th century Jian double edged straight swords. Produced by the People's Liberation Army specifically for use by its officers and issued in the Sino-American War , many were captured and came to the American home front as souvenirs some even found their way into fifth columnist hands. Since the Great War , these weapons have become an uncommonly used by wastelanders and raiders alike. This particular weapon is tailored to the user, using data obtained through combining Grant's Saber with a swing analyzer and gathering combat data.




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  1. The Blade of Bastet is a unique weapon in Fallout The Blade of Bastet is based on the iconic weapon of the same name used by the fictional hero the.

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