Nothing is set in stone

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Nothing Is Set In Stone

nothing is set in stone

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To the thinkers, the introspective, worrisome, thoughtful thinkers that over-obsess with the meaning and causes of everything that happens: not everything has a meaning. To the woman who prides herself on not giving it up until the sixth date and strategically replies minutes later to every text: stop thinking about why he stopped calling. Sometimes, the guys we meet are just assholes. Sometimes, people lose interest. Sometimes, we just delude ourselves into believing in a chemistry or connection that may have just been one-sided. Was it something you said or did?

We use these expressions when we want to talk about something which is not completely settled and therefore can be changed.
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Your browser does not support the audio element. Is there any way that we could postpone the roll-out for a week or so? There are just far too many components involved. In fact, the schedule has been set in stone for the past three months. Guess you had better really get to work.

The numerical value of set in stone in Pythagorean Numerology is: 5. A road map has sort of been set but nothing has been absolutely set in stone. We were introduced recently to members of the Boston Committee and had a very preliminary conversation about collaborating on a special beer in the future, there's nothing set in stone. It's just a fun idea we talked about. There are those who believe our fate is set in stone. They believe our personalities, our future, our entire life experience is something beyond our control. Basically, they believe we are helpless victims and that life happens to us.

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Nothing Set in Stone




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