I want to wear panties

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My boyfriend likes wearing women's underwear. Is he really gay?

i want to wear panties

Sam Hyde - I want to wear panties

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If you've decided to become a Man in Panties, congratulations. It's a big step, and one you should be proud of. Now that you've decided to wear the panties, it's really time to learn about them. Women's underwear is a strange new world. There are a multitude of fabrics, textures, and cuts to learn about, and you're going to want to learn about most, if not all of them. The Thong. A thong can be very sexy indeed if you like the 'whale tale' effect.

I have dated a few gals, but nothing serious … until recently. I just find lingerie to be more comfortable, a secret thrill, and, quite honestly, fun.
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For many men who wear lingerie, the most difficult part of the journey isn't making the decision to wear these garments, it's letting their partner know about their desires and habits when it comes to lingerie. It's hard enough finding a nice lady to be with in this day and age—without also having to worry about finding someone who will be accepting of, and perhaps even enjoy, your choices. Many men make the mistake of not telling their girlfriends or wives, thinking that they would be disgusted. However, when you hide this sort of thing from a partner you are actually depriving her of the experience of sharing something that is very special and important to you. Imagine how you might feel if you found out that she had such an intimate secret.

First, thank you so much for reading our guide and showing interest in our line of Fancy Satin Panties! This information is intended both for the Men who enjoy wearing Panties, and the women who Love them. Since we are both very detail oriented, we did lots of homework on this subject. Now we don't want you to think we are being judgmental, these are just facts. Very nice!

Men In Panties – A Basic Guide To Panties

Individual, personal and different for everyone. - Also: My husband won't use condoms! Not full-blown drag, just a teddy, fishnets, and some heels.




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