I wish i had a friend to talk to

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How to Deal with Losing Friends When You Have Depression

i wish i had a friend to talk to

I wish i had someone to talk to about my depression and suicidal thoughts, im tired of pretending to be mishkanet.com do I keep the faith, I'm that things.

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My stupid ass: oh lord our children will be so amazing marry me. I have a few people that I love and that loves me in my circle but, that has nothing to do with why I still feel so alone. Never had a first kiss, date, nothing…. Just, I guess…rejection. I think that every woman deserves that kinda happiness so it makes me happy instead. However, here I am, with nobody. Anyways, I can get outta focus sometimes and realize the reality of my life when something that reminds me comes up.

There are times when you really need someone to talk to. Someone safe. Someone who is really great at listening.
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For me, college was a bit unusual. I happened to grow up in the same town as, arguably, the best university in my state, so it made sense for me to go there. I would be able to get a great degree from a school ranked highly—both academically and socially—for the reasonable in-state tuition price. The only catch was that my college years would be spent minutes from my family home and surrounded by a large percentage of people I grew up with—not exactly the "get out of dodge" scenario most associate with the college years. Having a built-in friend group when I started college was a relief.

Just because you went to school with someone doesn't mean you have to be friends with them. Fuck Jenny. If you find you're complaining about someone all the time, stop being friends with them. I'm able to see this so much more clearly now that I see all my friends complain and complain about this one friend who I know for a fact they don't like, but they're holding onto anyway. And I've done it too, because everyone has. But seriously, if you have that many complaints about someone, just end it.

Health and wellness touch each of us differently. But I found that the blow of losing someone I trusted when I was dealing with depression or relapsing in my eating disorder felt much more intense. Depression can make you feel lonely or like withdrawing socially. Throw a painful friend breakup on top of that and you can find yourself completely disappearing from social circles. One of the first losses I faced due to my mental illness struggles were two friendships I had up until my senior year of high school. I struggled even seeing them in the halls at school.

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  1. I always had ds feeling wad would happen to my life if anurag (now my ex) is What should I do if I wish to talk to someone with whom I had.

  2. I wish I had someone to talk to about anything and everything, but every time I feel like I've found someone, they leave, and I'm left hurting more than before.

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