How to delete vudu account

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how to delete vudu account

I set it up to use with my Roku account, but it has none of the type of However, there's no delete/cancel mechanism on the Vudu site (that I.

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Remember me. Forum rules. Post Reply. I set it up to use with my Roku account, but it has none of the type of movies I like. So I'd like to delete it. Anyone know how I can delete this Vudu thing? I can't delete or change that on the Vudu site, either.

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How To Delete Vudu Account Solved

Just list what you have and require that users comment to request a code. Then PM the code to them. This prevents bots and banned users from getting the codes. It also prevents one person from taking them all. Have a question?

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Deactivate VUDU (legacy)



VUDU is actually not a subscription based service. You can close your VUDU account by sending an email to [email protected] stating you'd like to I am selling my TV, how do I remove my Netflix and Vudu accounts?.
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