How to clean my white converse

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6 Best Ways To Clean Your White Converse Shoes

how to clean my white converse

How to Clean & Whiten Your Converse/Vans

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White Converse always look bright and fancy, and they make any image dazzling. But, alas, after a few walks white sneakers get a gray tint, which is difficult to get rid of. But impossible is nothing as we all know. According to official Converse Care Instructions, you should not machine wash or dry your sneakers. However, damp cloth and warm water are not enough to make your shoes look neat and nice. In extreme cases, you can always take your favorite Converse to dry cleaners.

Whenever I wear my white converse , I always get reader comments asking how to keep them clean, and how they want to buy a pair but are worried about them getting filthy dirty so fast, especially with kids. Plan for the days you wear them. Errands or park days give you a better chance of keeping them clean. Run them through the wash every few wears. A spin in the washing machine with your towels will make them like new! Remove the laces when you wash them. Use a bleach pen for those tough spot s.

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No matter what brand shoes you buy, if they are white, after a week or two, they will look dirty. White shoes get dirty, and you need to clean them. As a fan of Converse shoes, I know how good they can look, and how easy are they to pair with any outfit. So, let me share a few tricks for cleaning white Converse shoes in the convenience of your home. Your sneakers will look brand new, and it will take you just a few minutes. I suggest you remove the laces first, before trying any of these methods you can do all the methods with laces on as well, but it will be trickier and more challenging.

Show less White Converse shoes look great when they're brand new, but they may develop a less appealing shade after a significant amount of use. Thankfully, there are a variety of methods you can use to get them nice and clean again! To create a Converse cleaning solution, mix baking soda and vinegar in a non-metallic bowl until a paste forms. Before cleaning your shoes, remove the laces to expose as much of the white surface as possible. Then, drench your Converse in cold water and scrub them with the paste.

How to Easily Clean White Converse Shoes at Home

Easy Life Hack: How to Clean White Converse!


Nothing spoils a crisp summer outfit more than wearing white Converse sneakers covered with stains, smudges, and scuffs. Our Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab pros are here to answer your top questions about white sneaker-cleaning, so you can rock your look with confidence. Follow these easy steps to spiff up those Converse kicks in no time! And if white Vans are more your style, we have cleaning tips for them, too! The safest way to clean any type of Converse sneaker is by hand. Start by removing the laces and brushing off loose dust and dirt with a soft brush. Mix a little dish liquid, like Dawn , into a cup of warm water.




How to Clean Converse With the Most Effective DIY Methods


Converse shoes get awfully dirty & within the first couple of uses, or even worse if you happened to use them in rains. Here is how to clean.
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  1. White converse shoes are a shoe closet staple; they are versatile, comfortable and stylish.

  2. Follow these easy steps to spiff up those Converse kicks in no time! (And if white Vans are more your style, we have cleaning tips for them, too!).

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