How to recharge a refrigerator r134a

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Recharging your Refrigerator

how to recharge a refrigerator r134a

How to Add Freon To Your Refrigerator 134a - 10 Minutes FAST EASY TUTORIAL

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Photo by Charles J. Ever had refrigerator angst? I suffered it myself for a short time last summer, after I accidentally discharged the refrigerant from the new fridge unit I had installed. Reading assorted treatises on marine refrigeration only elevated my angst. Various experts on web forums warned direly of the dangers of getting air into the system, failing to purge the refrigeration gauges, overcharging with refrigerant and blinding oneself with escaping gases.

With the blue gauge hooked up? Compressor not running I sho 3 pounds. Compressor on it shows The port that I am connected to is cool and the tube that is coming from the opposite side is barely warm. Thank you so much for sharing this information.

Technicians who work on central air conditioners and heat pumps use manifold gauges to find the Freon pressure and indirectly the evaporator and condenser temperatures by connecting to access fittings on the unit. These gauges have hoses of various lengths and when they are removed from the access fittings some Freon is retained in the hoses. This is not a problem with systems that contain pounds of Freon since the amount retained in the gauge manifold hoses is a small percentage of the correct charge. Household refrigerators and freezers usually do not have access fittings. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Some refrigerators work with as little as eight ounces of R Connecting gauge manifold hoses to the high-side of the system could leave a large percentage of the charge in the hose when it is disconnected.

Since you asked the question, I'll assume you don't know what you are doing and just want the quick workaround 'fix'. This is not how a pro.
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There is much talk and discussion in certain forums about how to determine the correct refrigerant charge level for a capillary tube refrigeration system, but there is only one, simple method that will result in the perfect charge in a Frigoboat system; the frost-line method. Pressures and current draw can be monitored to confirm that these are within expected limits, but there is no better way to guage the refrigerant level than with the frost-line method. General The following is intended to be a guide for a boat operator with average mechanical skills. It will describe what symptoms to look for in a correctly charged Frigoboat system so that an evaluation can be made as to whether service is required. No refrigerant gauges are necessary for this evaluation, and their use is required only for major repairs and for evacuating the system. Never use, or allow a technician to use, anything other than pure refrigerant Ra in a Frigoboat system.

Remember Me? Page 1 of 6 1 2 3 4 5 6 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 13 of Thread: Charging a refrigerator. Charging a refrigerator Anybody know what the pressures on a ra refrigerator should be. Suction temperature 20 degrees Discharge temperature 82 degrees. Those pressures are awfully high for a a unit. Awfully high.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Skip to main content. See all questions about this product. If the refrigerator is designed for a, yes it can be used with the right equipment for charging. Leave a Comment 1 of 2 found this helpful. Do you?

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