How to build a window frame

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Install A Timber Window Frame

how to build a window frame

Simple window making start to finish

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A window frame supports the weight of the wall around the opening using the studs to transfer the load to the foundation. At the top, cripple studs transfer the load from the top plate to the header. Along the sides the king and jack studs support the header and transfer the load to the floor. At the bottom of the opening, two 2x4's are nailed together to form the rough sill which is supported by the bottom cripple studs. The rough sill doesn't support any wall weight, but instead anchors the base of the window in place. To build a new window frame in an existing wall, first remove the interior wall covering and any insulation to expose the studs. Decide which studs will have to be cut to install the new frame and which can be kept to use again.

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Door and window frames span the gap between the stud frame and the wall. Door frames have three pieces. Window frames have four. Most doors are prehung with a frame already installed, but if you purchase door slabs without hinge mortises, you can make the frame yourself and install both together into the stud opening. Window installation typically also comes with a frame, but you can purchase windows by themselves and build the frame to fit the rough opening.

For more information on lumber sizes click here. Also ensure the lumber that you use is suitable for exterior use. Full page contents are at the bottom of the page. Identifying the window parts A window frame is the outermost sides of a window. It consists of head, sill and two side jambs forming a box or rectangle to which the sash moving segment of the window is attached. The window parts are

Window frames can be made from aluminium, timber, uPVC, fibreglass, or a combination of these materials. Each offers different performance advantages in terms of durability, maintenance and energy efficiency. Although one window frame may offer significant benefits in one particular area, it may be at the expense of a feature better suited to your home window needs. View the snapshot table below for a quick review of the common framing materials or compare each frame in more detail. Search form Search. Window frames Tags:. Economical Durable Low maintenance May allow heat transfer without thermal break Susceptible to condensation.

How to Frame a New Window Opening

How to Construct Door & Window Frames

Learn how to make windows screens! Use this step by step tutorial, a few pieces of wood and some simple tools to build your own DIY window screen frame! The trouble is I need to make new wood window screen for one of my windows. Do you have broken or missing screen? This post contains affiliate links to supplies or tools I used to complete this project. Purchases made using these links help support the Saws on Skates website and allow me to share more DIY projects. There is no cost to you for using these links.





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If you're in need of a new frame, it only requires a few materials. Here, our window installation experts explain how to build a window frame.
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