How to fix a turkey

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How To Roast A Turkey

how to fix a turkey

Your First Turkey! Easy Roast Turkey for Beginners for the Holidays!

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The turkey is the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving meal, and there are plenty of techniques for cooking one, from frying to spatchcocking to roasting upside down and turning halfway. But sometimes the classic way is the best. We will talk you through brining, stuffing, trussing and roasting, along with extra turkey tips to help you through the holiday. And visit our How to Plan and Cook Thanksgiving guide for more ideas and advice. Order your turkey three to four weeks before the holiday if you want something other than a supermarket bird. Our buying guide is below. You will also need a rack; usually one comes with the pan, but if you buy it separately, make sure it fits inside your pan.

Most of us cook turkey just once a year, yet expect perfection: Moist white meat, tender drumsticks, and crispy, bronzed skin. Turkeys are not easy birds to roast. So odds are, you've ended up with perfectly cooked dark meat, and the breast meat has paid the price. It's turning cottony and crumbly as you slice it, and panic strikes. What to do? The sheer anatomy of the bird guarantees a challenge: Easy-to-overcook breast meat combined with dark meat that seems to take eons to cook through.

Aside from being low in fat and high in protein, turkey is also a great source of riboflavin and phosphorous. Many of us are familiar with how to roast turkey, but did you know you can also slow-cook, grill, or deep-fry your bird? The size of pan you should use depends on the size of your bird, but in general, anything up to a 12 lb turkey can be roasted in a 14 x 10 pan. Larger birds should be roasted in a 16 x Turkeys can be frozen in the freezer for up to 12 months.

You may never need these tips. But on November 26, a lot will be riding on the big bird. So, just in case, here's our best advice for what to do when The turkey is done too early. Cover the turkey loosely with foil, and set it in a warm spot. Rejoice: You'll have time to make the gravy without the usual last-minute pressure.

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