How to tell if my glasses prescription is wrong

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Bad eye test/prescription, what are my rights?

how to tell if my glasses prescription is wrong

Here's what you should know about refunds and other policies. correctly, it's a good idea to take the glasses to the eye doctor who prescribed your lenses.

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Original Poster. Posting Rules. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Hedders Original Poster 22, posts months. I recently got new glasses for the first time in years. They felt a bit wierd at first but i thought it might take a while to adjust to the new prescription or something.

Discussion in ' Miscellaneous ' started by bigdaddy , Oct 13, Log in or Sign up. The Trek BBS. Any way to check if an eyeglass prescription is correct? Joined: Oct 19, Location: Space Massachusetts. I went to the eye doctor for the first time in several years. They checked for diseases and such.

If your glasses are not optimally fitted, then there's no way you can benefit from your full visual potential. This can significantly impair your quality of life. Think about it: reading the menu in a restaurant becomes a nightmare or you feel insecure when driving. This raises several questions: can you damage your eyes if your glasses are too strong overcorrection or too weak undercorrection? What are the effects if your fields of vision are not ideally corrected? And does eye fatigue or 'poor' light be it too bright or insufficient pose a risk to your eyes? Poorly fitted glasses don't have any long-term effect on the health of your eyes.

How to Read Your Eye Prescription

Steve Thom can fix it for you. Read on to learn more about how you can tell if you are wearing the wrong prescription. One of the biggest symptoms that patients experience when they have the wrong prescription is extreme vertigo or nausea.

Warning Signs of a Wrong Eyeglass Prescription

For many people with refractive errors, wearing prescription eyeglasses is the way they achieve clarity of vision. But, many people opt for the quick fix of eyeglasses. Immediate results are what you get with eyeglasses. When taking our eye measurements to find the correct prescription, they could very well make mistakes. The next time you go for either an eyeglass or a contact lens fitting, note everyday afterwards how well your eyes see and how they feel.

After an eye exam, your optometrist or ophthalmologist may write you a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses. The prescription will include several numbers and abbreviations. You may see the following abbreviations:. This number is used to identify how strong your lenses need to be to correct your vision. Similarly to the SPH, there will also be a number with a plus sign for farsightedness or a minus sign for nearsightedness that follows CYL. A higher number means that you have a more severe astigmatism.

A medical doctor with a South Asian heritage and Texas roots, Saleem brings a unique flair of wisdom and experience to his craft. Has your vision been slightly blurry since you started wearing your new prescription eye glasses, or have you been getting more headaches? These symptoms may result from new prescription lenses that are not the correct strength. In particular, lenses that are the wrong strength may cause blurry vision, headaches and a sense of dizziness or a lack of balance. These symptoms are not specific to wearing the wrong prescription glasses, however, so work with your doctors to determine the cause of your symptoms. When lenses are off by even a few degrees, it can cause blurry vision. However, blurry vision can also occur as you adjust to a new pair of prescription lenses of the correct strength.



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  1. Whether you choose to buy eyeglasses online or you buy your glasses in person at an optical store or from your eye doctor, sometimes problems can occur with your glasses after you purchase them.

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