How do i uninstall mackeeper

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How to Uninstall MacKeeper & Completely Remove it from Mac OS X

how do i uninstall mackeeper

Some people regret installing MacKeeper but can't figure out how to remove it. We're here for you.

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MacKeeper has been around, in various forms, for quite a while. It's marketed as a collection of utilities, apps, and services that can keep your Mac clean, protected from viruses, and in tip-top shape. Unfortunately, many users have discovered that MacKeeper may cause more problems than it fixes. Frequently asked questions about MacKeeper relate to whether it's safe, whether it affects performance, and where it comes from, as it sometimes appears on a Mac seemingly out of nowhere. MacKeeper has a reputation for being difficult to remove; some users have gone as far as reinstalling the Mac operating system in order to get rid of all of the MacKeeper pieces scattered about. Thankfully, you don't need to do that; even the folks at MacKeeper have made the uninstall process a bit easier than it was in the past. If you've decided it's time to uninstall MacKeeper, here are a few tricks that will help you remove it successfully.

Please be aware, that due to security and anti-fraud purposes all the backups you've made with MacKeeper will remain on your computer and can be accessed even after MacKeeper uninstallation. Encrypted files will remain hidden and can't be opened or modified without MacKeeper, so make sure you will decrypt them before removing the application. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, contact us in writing at Kromtech Alliance Corp. We use cookies along with other tools to give you the best possible experience while on this website. Help us improve how you interact with our website by accepting the use of cookies. You can change your privacy settings whenever you like.

Perhaps a better approach for more advanced Mac users is to go hands-on and manually remove the MacKeeper software from Mac OS X yourself. This guide will walk through how to get rid of MacKeeper and remove it from a Mac. As I started down this road myself with a Mac recently, I stumbled across another option, an automated removal script from fellow Mac IT worker, John Kitzmiller, available here. Since he already went through the process of uncovering every associated MacKeeper item and file like the JustCloud stuff , why reinvent the wheel? This works in all modern versions of Mac OS X system software too, as the script is version agnostic. This simple process will use a downloaded bash script to remove MacKeeper, JustCloud, and all associated items and apps. You can either run the script again, or head to the locations below to take a peak and see if MacKeeper and any remnants remain on the Mac.

Uninstalling MacKeeper is known to be a difficult process, but using these steps, removing MacKeeper should be a cinch.
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By Sherlock on June 16, 6 Comments. And yes, there are tons of reasons why you need to uninstall MacKeeper. Anyway, if it is still in the deepest, darkest cesspools of your Macintosh, removing it is a priority. I mean seriously, could it get any worse? Simply drag the MacKeeper icon straight from the Applications folder and dump it to the Trash where it belongs!

Experience dedicated apps for music, TV, and podcasts, plus smart new features like Sidecar. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. I have tried everything you suggested to clean out my computer from MacKeeper but it keeps coming back the virus. Posted on May 22, PM. May 22, PM in response to marimer In response to marimer. Don't use any kind of "anti-virus" or "anti-malware" product on a Mac. There is never a need for it, and relying on it for protection makes you more vulnerable to attack, not less.

Macworld reader Michael Downend is having difficulty ridding his Mac of a utility he no longer desires. He writes:. Now you can quit MacKeeper. After you uninstall MacKeeper, Safari will launch a page from mackeeper. You can quit Safari and ignore it. You can toss this folder into the Trash. There are a few other places you might want to check to make sure any remaining bits are removed.

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