How to beat doc ock in spider man ps4

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Marvelís Spider-Man Guide: How To Beat Doctor Octopus

how to beat doc ock in spider man ps4

Finish the fight in Spider-Man on PS4. If youíve reached the end of Spider-Man on PS4 you now know who the main villain for the game is. The last boss of the game is Dr. Octopus who is ultimately revealed as the ring leader of the Sinister Six.


Facing Doctor Octopus in the final battle is not that difficult, because all you really need to do is spam the circle button to avoid his attacks with his tentacles. Once you see an opening, you want to press triangle and then press square to punch his lights out. At this stage of the game, Doctor Octopus can do a lot of damage on Spider-Man ó especially if you are playing the game on one of the harder difficulty settings. When the ground is electrified, you want to press the R2 and L2 buttons to find a pole that Spider-Man can perch on. At this stage of the fight, Spider-Man has nowhere really to move because the pole is the only safe spot. Doctor Octopus will then throw a lot of junk and debris at Spider-Man, and this is where you can turn the tables on him. If you see the junk approaching you, you want to now press R1 and L1 to throw the junk back at Doctor Octopus.

This page contains information on the forty-fourth main mission of the game - Pax in Bello - which will include main objectives, side objectives, and any points of interest along the way. Enter the lab, and peter will embark on one last extreme science project to create a suit with the capability to stop Octavius - hopefully.
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The last story mission entitled Pax in Bello lets you face Doctor Octopus one last time. Doctor Octopus or Dr. He was once a disabled scientist for Norman Osborn in Oscorp. He later became the leader of Sinister Six whom Spider-Man would firstly kill. Octopus was once a good-looking guy. But due to the accident, he went to upgrading having four tentacles attached to his back. Among his special abilities are genius-level intellect, mechanical tentacles, life-support systems, armored suit, an army of nano-octobots under his mental control.

Marvelís Spider-Man PS4 Guide: How To Beat Doctor Octopus

Spider-Man PS4 How to Beat Dr. Octopus

GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. Stuck on a boss? Bring the fight to a one-on-one between you and Kingpin by taking out the henchmen first. This will let you focus on Kingpin without having to worry about the henchmen taking potshots at you.

Octavius interferes and takes the antidote with him after beating Spider-Man in the previous mission Heart Of The Matter. Octavius the main and the final villain who has turned hostile. This will be among the toughest fights similar to fighting Martin Li. In this ending mission, Spider-Man will face Dr. Octavius who has lost his mind and now is on the verge f destroying the city.

GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. Spider-Man will have to dodge his way around Doctor Octopus's tentacle arms while dealing his own attacks in this final boss fight of the game. Use your web shooters to web up Doctor Octopus's tentacle arms to create an opening for you to attack. You can find small lit-up boxes on the ground. When Doctor Octopus climbs the tower, he sets the floor on fire, making it dangerous to step on it.

Once a visionary trying to change the world for the better, now one of Spidey's most dangerous enemies. Doctor Octopus is the final boss of Marvel's Spider-Man - below, you'll find the walkthrough for this battle. Doc Octopus is the final enemy in the game and the biggest challenge among the bosses, right next to Tombstone. The enemy has powerful attacks, respectable range, and can hit you multiple times despite your dodging attempts. Luckily, he can be taken down quite easily - you just need to tackle this battle from the air. When swinging on web, your enemy can execute only one attack - grab a piece of metal and throw it at you.



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