How to make a ribbon bow out of fondant

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All Tied Up: How to Make Fondant Bows for Cake Toppers

how to make a ribbon bow out of fondant

Gumpaste / Fondant Ribbon Bow Tutorial for Cakes


Topping a cake with a pretty fondant bow adds instant glamour to the overall design. From bridal shower to birthday cakes, fondant bows are a whimsical yet elegant way to dress up your cakes. Using only a few materials, it is fairly simple to add edible embellishments, mastering your fondant technique and learning how to make fondant bows for cake toppers. These beautiful bows add the perfect girly touch to your cakes. They are fun, festive and surprisingly easy to create. Add a broach to the center, and they become elegant enough for a wedding cake. Trim fondant trim into three pieces.

A fun way to add pizzaz to your cake is by adding a fondant bow. A bow adds a touch of cuteness and is actually quite versatile to use. You can use it on a cake for different occasions such as birthdays for kids and adults alike, cakes for babies, wedding cakes, etc. The bow can be made out of fondant or gumpaste. I almost always use fondant just because it is more readily available to me. I use gumpaste if I have it on hand. I find I can roll the gumpaste thinner than the fondant and it makes a more realistic looking bow that way.

Gum paste bows are essential when making gift box cakes, but they look also pretty as a top or side decoration on other types of cakes. By using textured rolling pins , embossing tools , shimmer or lustre dusts. Can you make different looks for your gum paste bows. This gives in my opinion a better paste to work with. A pasta machine is great help if you have one.

Fondant is a stiff sugar mixture used for decorating cakes. It's pliable and a great medium for sculpting with for cake designs. And a bow is a very traditional and beautiful addition to a cake, suitable for all sorts of occasions such as birthdays, graduations, anniversaries or just because the recipient loves bows. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to shape a bow for adding to your own cake. To make a fondant bow, start by rolling some fondant into a flat square.

How to Make Fondant Bows & Loops

Fondant Loop Bow Tutorial

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Diana's Cooking - How to make a fondant bow/ cum sa faci o fundita din fondant

A lot of girly accoutrements we let go of in childhood: pigtails, Barbies, our beloved Easy Bake Oven. But there's something about bows that makes them eternally pretty, whether you're five or fifty. But these days, rather than putting bows in our hair, we're more about attach This how to video takes you through the details on how to make a beautiful fondant bow suitable for any cake! This techniques is used on cakes for the very famous, so why not use it to decorate your homemade cakes. There's nothing that says "I'm a present" than something wrapped in a bow. Whether you're gifting someone a gift bag or boxed good, adding a bow on top always makes that gift extra special and also pretty.

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