How to wear a ruana

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How to Wear a Ruana

how to wear a ruana

The fringe you see is from the throw over the sofa behind me.) The ruana originated in South America, and it is like a blanket that you wear. I have them in many.

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Ruanas are a versatile garment that can be worn many ways. The shoulder can easily be secured with a brooch. Another elegant ruana look is formed by throwing one end over a shoulder and letting the other end hang loose. Turn the ruana so that the tag is centered over one shoulder. The long end is then draped over the opposite arm. A brooch easily secures the long end.

Drape it Take the two front panels and drape it over your shoulders like a shawl to add some flair to your t-shirt and jeans. Scarf Fold the ruana in half lengthwise and wrap it around your neck in your favorite scarf style.
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I actually ordered this before my Florida vacation, thinking it would be the perfect piece to wear on the beach over a my bathing suit or out to dinner with white jeans and a tee. The first is a casual look with jean shorts and a white muscle tee. It also comes in blue and grey, but I think the coral is so pretty. The photographs are pretty accurate. The tee and shorts are both by Madewell.

December 6, by The Image Expert. Looking for an accessory to add that finishing touch to your holiday look? Try the classic ruana. For those of us who live outside of the Andes, a ruana is not only warm but wearable art. This third layer piece will get you noticed! Wear it for both formal and casual occasions over silk or cotton turtlenecks with flared skirts or well-fitted jeans.


How to Wear a Ruana for Spring and Summer






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