Live free or die sopranos

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Live Free or Die

live free or die sopranos

"Live Free or Die" is the 71st episode of the HBO original series The Sopranos and the sixth of the show's sixth season. Written by David Chase, Terence Winter, .

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You can talk about each day's a gift and smelling roses, but regular life has a way of picking away at it. News breaks about Vito's secret life. At an AA meeting, an acquaintance from Yonkers spots Christopher and tells him someone saw Vito at a gay bar. When Christopher announces this to Tony and the others, no one can believe it. Tony and Silvio try to track Vito down to get to the bottom of it. At the law clinic, Meadow helps a Muslim family whose son was arrested by the Feds and is being held with no explanation.

The title of this hour, borrowed from the state motto of New Hampshire, reflects a fundamental American ethos. We have long believed that life is not worth living if it is not steeped in freedom. The episode title most obviously refers to Vito Spatafore, who must literally make the choice outlined by the title: live freely as a gay man or die at the hands of the mob. But the idea of freedom and independence is important to other characters in SopranoWorld as well. In this hour alone, we see how Tony, Angie Bonpensiero and Carmela all approach the idea of independence. Tony tries to enjoy his Yachting magazine while he sits in his robe out by the pool, but the rattle of the AC unit annoys him.

Previous Episode Season 6 - Episode 5 - "Mr. John Sacrimoni Request That same wind we saw in Tony's back yard is still there.
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Sort of polygraph-by-cinema. The hour opened with a wide shot of the still-recovering Tony Soprano shambling around the backyard of his palatial McMansion in his bathrobe and having his reading interrupted by the grinding whine of a defective ventilation unit. He walked over to the unit, futzed with it, ripped off the top and hurled it away in disgust, then resumed reading. Moments later, the grinding noise returned, and rather than attack the problem again, Tony ignored it. For the first time in his history on the series, he seemed completely at ease.

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Christopher hears through the grapevine that Vito has been seen in a gay bar and reports it., They try to escort him to see Tony, but Vito speeds away. Vito returns home later that night, looks in on his sleeping children, grabs some keepsakes and necessities, and drives off into a stormy night.

Live Free or Die (6.06)

In , John Stark, who had been the foremost soldier from New Hampshire in the American Revolution, was forced by his poor health to decline an invitation to celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Bennington, at which he had been one of the foremost heroes. He had been asked to go to the battle site in New York to deliver a toast, and he sent his toast via a letter instead. Yet it also serves as a clarion call for all of the characters, who are mired in prisons of their own making. Carmela likes having a husband who can go and put a little pressure on the building inspector when he gets around to it , but she ignores the rot that underlies her whole life willfully. But again and again, we come back to whether the characters would even want to change if they could, if the world opened up and gave them the perfect opportunity.


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