Vidal sassoon academy santa monica

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Stories at Sassoon Academy Santa Monica

vidal sassoon academy santa monica

Behind the scenes @ Sassoon Academy


Pros: Dianne. I like most people with curly hair am not very at ease when it comes to letting a new person cut my hair because for most of my life I wore haircuts that either started or ended u From family friendly trips with kid friendly activities to local plumbers lawyers, spas, and contractors. Judy's Book. Sign in.

Came for a simple trimming and few layers.. I was reassured that the teachers keep things safe I am one of these polite hopefuls, who sits put.. Wrong again!! And I know everybody needs to learn

Become part of our global community with exclusive access to special offers, latest news and events. If you need any help please call us at Customer security is our highest priority, all data is secure when shopping online with Sassoon Academy. Sassoon Academy. Close menu. Sassoon Salon. Sassoon Partner Salon.

Do you have a passion for color? Learn more about our wide range of color courses. Recognized worldwide as the ultimate in modern hair education, the Sassoon Cosmetology course provides you with a fast track to hairdressing success. Competitive Payment Plans Available. If you have individual objectives that supersede the current range of Sassoon courses, then contact us for a personalised 1-ON-1 programme.

Vidal Sassoon Academy Santa Monica CA and Hooters, Promenade Cafe

It's a wrap. Forever learning, growing, evolving, and never stagnant.,



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  1. For over 60 years, the reputation of Sassoon Academy has been built on developing and providing world-class education at our Courses | Santa Monica .

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