Ashes to ashes series 2 episode 1 watch online

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Ashes To Ashes series 2 episode 1

ashes to ashes series 2 episode 1 watch online

Ashes To Ashes Season 2 Episode 8


With the exception of Robin Hood , the Beeb's sci-fi and fantasy schedule is really kind of bare. This new season of the show kicks off with familiar scenarios of Cortinas, mullets, and Spandau Ballet as we are now taken back to the heady days of The two of them, it seems, have a mutual respect for their opposing ways of policing. This acceptance and more relaxed atmosphere is shattered around a third of the way into the episode as Alex is visited by a vision of her daughter on TV. It happens in a nifty little homage to the early 80s that shows everyone's favourite headmistress, Mrs McCluskey from Grange Hill , making a welcome, if brief, cameo. Added to this there are also the frequent sounds of police helicopters, waking dreams and voices from old ladies and dogs that show that, once again, things in might not be all that they seem.

The second series was confirmed to be in production in early Series 3 consists of eight minute episodes. A brutal gang murder leads the team to investigate a Europe-wide jewel smuggling ring. Keats completes his report on the department and tries to turn the team against Hunt and transfer them to his control, revealing his true colours. Alex goes to investigate a house in Lancashire which she believes holds the secret of Sam Tyler's disappearance. She uncovers a body in a field, and its warrant card reveals that it is a young Gene Hunt whose ghost is the young PC haunting her.

In the series finale, Alex's quest to learn the truth about Sam Tyler's death leads her to ignore the team's investigation of a diamond heist. When Gene catches wind of what she's up to, he heads after her, leaving Ray, Chris and Shaz on their own for a sting operation. Gene and Alex are suspicious of two cops hunting a comic, who allegedly absconded with cash from the Police Widows Fund. CID investigates a string of arsons during the run-up to the general election. In other events, Alex tries to determine why she's being haunted by the young police officer. Alex goes undercover at a dating agency to flush out a killer who's targeting its female clientele; and continues her investigation into Sam Tyler's death.

The eighth and final episode of the third series of the British science fiction television series Ashes to Ashes was broadcast by BBC One on 21 May Tension mounts in the final episode of Ashes to Ashes with DCI Gene Hunt and his team investigating a diamond heist following the murder of three London gang members. As Gene desperately tries to reach Alex before she discovers the truth, Chris, Shaz and Ray's world completely falls apart. It's time for Alex and the rest of the team to find out the truth about Gene Hunt A brutal gang murder leads the team to investigate a European-wide jewel smuggling ring.

Police drama. The team must venture into dangerous territory when a fellow officer is found dead, while Alex's whole perspective on this world is threatened when she is kidnapped. When a dead man is found in a Soho strip club, it looks like a sex game has gone wrong. So when the deceased is discovered to be a police officer, Gene and Alex are ordered to keep the case under wraps. PC Sean Irvine was supposed to be clearing the streets of vice, but did he instead become seduced by it? When the pathologist uncovers signs that Sean was murdered, the team need to discover whether he was killed because he was a corrupt cop, or because he was an honest one.


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