Best track cars under 20k

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?20k track car - what would you have?

best track cars under 20k

5 AWESOME RWD Sportscars for $15,000!

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Car enthusiasts are almost always looking for a bargain. Thanks to depreciation, car enthusiasts are able to stretch their budgets and get quite a lot of car for their money. Some of the cars here are not necessarily good investments or even smart purchases. For instance, a year-old Porsche or a year-old Maserati will likely not be the most reliable car in the world. With some of these, it is possible to spend more on repair bills than you spent on the initial purchase of the car.

25 Of The Fastest Cars Anyone Can Buy For Under 20k Some of the cars here are not necessarily good investments or even smart purchases. .. pinned there whether you're driving to the grocery store or down the track.
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Remember Me? My boy has one with some minor engine work and bolt ons and it is very competetive on the track. It does whp on a DynoDynamics and weights lbs. I beleive the whole set up was like 17grand. Appreciate 0.

In days gone by we produced pieces like this because new performance cars and depreciation went hand-in-hand, their values plummeting quicker than they could lap the Ring. Appreciation is the name of the game. This situation is having a knock-on effect with used evo icons. Cars that, not so long ago, could only find homes with those who got them. Lusted after them from new. Rather, these are a handful of evo icons we think you should buy now to enjoy before the speculators ruin it for everyone. Rear-wheel drive, a tiny supermini wheelbase, two seats and a 3-litre V6 out back: the Renault Sport Clio V6 sounds like the perfect recipe for a high speed merry-go-round.

25 Fun Sports Cars That Are Surprisingly Cheap

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So the squabble has been raging for years as to what is the most popular track day car. Well, the answer to the age-old questions is finally over. Going by the thousands of track day bookings made in , we have the definitive list of the top 5 cars to take out on track. Kicking off our list is the Caterham R Based on the famous Lotus Seven, the Caterham 7 is super-lightweight, inexpensive and some of the most fun to be had on the track. With the low seating position, you get a taste of the track at a similar level found in F1 cars. The R has a decent amount of kick as well.

The idea that you need a Porsche Cayman or an exotic sports car to start tracking your car is false. Here's why, because you won't ever push your car to the limit, and there are two reasons why that's a true statement. Reason 1 How would you feel about the running costs of an exotic sports car? Maintaining a track car is extremely expensive. The cost of doing the same with a turbo or similar would be significantly higher. Reason 2 The limitations of an exotic car are so much higher than a regular sports car. The difficulty level of driving a turbo to its limitations are exponentially higher than say an E46 M3 which could be had for half the cost and the same level of fun.

Sometimes they have high running costs, but for less than the cost of a lot of economy sedans, you can probably afford to buy a sports car. Here are some of the best. You might not be able to get a rare VR4 version of Mitsubishi's front-wheel drive sports car for cheap, but base models like this red one can be had for very little money. The original TT has been overlooked by enthusiasts for awhile now, but these days, they're cheap enough to deserve attention. But with looks like this and an optional twin-turbo engine, we think it deserves a spot here. If you want a practical little city car that makes a great sound, it's hard to go wrong with this thing. They're just as fun to drive, and can be had for reasonable prices.

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