Hananoi kun to koi no yamai

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Hananoi-kun to Koi no Yamai

hananoi kun to koi no yamai



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One of our primary goals on Shoujo Amino is to provide recommendations or reviews on shoujo for all of you shoujo lovers to check out. Each week, we are going to be bringing you guys a new shoujo, so be on the lookout! How will this unexpected relationship go? One day I was randomly scrolling through MangaRock to find mangas to read and I found this manga that had a shoujo-like cover so I thought why not check it out and it has been a great pleasure to read this manga. I love the concept of how a handsome and intelligent male is so serious about love, where as the girl is the one that knows nothing about love. I suppose that idea fascinates me because it is generally the girl who is chasing after the popular boy.

Hananoi-kun to Koi no Yamai Vol.3 Chapter 10

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Hananoi-kun to Koi no Yamai: Chapter 2

Is really light and fluffy when it comes to yandere things. Hananoi kun is just manipulative and protective enough to be a decent yandere while also preserving the innocent first love vibe the author is going for. Its also nice that the design for Hotaru, a genuine tomboy, actually matches her. It gets tiring reading about the same plain girl who is actually a supermodel. Hotaru is plain and cute. She doesnt need a big makeover and as of volume 3 has not had one yet.

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  1. Because he was given an umbrella during a snowy day, Hananoi-kun confess his love to her!? Where does that love go?! This is a clumsy.

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