The walking dead season 3 episode 15 review

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This Sorrowful Life

the walking dead season 3 episode 15 review

The Walking Dead delivers one of the most intense episodes of the season in Sunday night's 'This Sorrowful Life.'.

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Merle Dixon has been a somewhat complicated character for The Walking Dead. His recognition seemed to be derived mostly from the popularity of his brother Daryl and, for some, the hope that he had another brother named Daryl, which would lead to a brief Bob Newhart cameo and the fact that the character had been played so convincingly by Michael Rooker. Having missed the majority of season 2 — save for a brief hallucinatory appearance — Merle remained something of a question upon his return early on in season 3 , which saw him partaking in the vicious beating of Glenn and occasionally acting as an agent in the ongoing grudge match between Michonne and the Governor. Once he was cut loose from the town of Woodbury, after its bloodthirsty citizens demanded his participation in their small-town version of gladiatorial combat, Merle found himself once more among people who didn't much care for his presence, but apparently tolerated it because he possessed several useful skills. Gimple take what will essentially be Merle's swansong and apply the notion that he'll never be fully accepted into the group because of who he is and what he's done, to Michonne's growing importance within the prison group.

Blood has been spilt on both sides of the conflict; no one is safe, no one is certain to survive. Rick, Daryl and Hershel have all signed off on handing Michonne over to the Governor for the chance that Woodbury will leave the prison alone, but Rick recruits Merle to do the dirty work. Meanwhile, Rick second guesses his decision too late and Daryl goes off in search of his brother to prevent the exchange. Michonne manages to get through to Merle, who lets her go before he goes off on a one-way mission to redeem himself. As Michonne makes her way back to the prison and Rick reveals his error in judgement to the rest of the group, Daryl finds Merle in the most unfortunate of reveals.

Merle was lost and then found, only to still be pretty lost. For most of this season, he was not much more than a one-dimensional villain. In the past few episodes, though, once he was reunited with his brother, he softened up. Or, in EKG terms, for a long time he was just one monotonous, buzzing line and then suddenly there were spikes. This made watching him a lot more enjoyable. He became a zombie just as his character took on some life. A little while ago, I was thinking about how we had yet to see a main character engaged in actual zombie behavior.

The Walking Dead S9.15 review: "A tragedy that’s sensitive, graceful, and close to poetic"

Meanwhile, Merle Dixon Michael Rooker takes matters into his own hand s in an attempt to protect his brother. This episode featured the death of Merle, who is killed when trying to redeem himself. Critics praised the performance of Michael Rooker in the episode and Norman Reedus ' performance at the end, upon confronting a zombified Merle. The episode was watched by Hershel refuses to be a part of it, while Daryl reluctantly supports Rick.



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