Doc martin season 3 episode 7

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Doc Martin S03e07

doc martin season 3 episode 7

Doc Martin Series 6: Episode 7 Promo

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Doc Martin E7 of 7. About Episode Guide. Summary The doctor and Louisa make plans for their wedding, but the big day runs far from smoothly, as a drunken vicar leaves Martin with a dilemma. Meanwhile, the restaurant where the reception is to be held is flooded and Isobel goes into labour. Comedy drama, starring Martin Clunes and Caroline Catz.

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Click through and come chat with me about the next two episodes in our rewatch, and feel free to leave your thoughts, favorite moments, funny lines, etc. Martin accuses the vicar of being a drunk. The vicar ends up in hospital. We have to find a new vicar. Al and Bert are failures at the catering business. And Martin and Louisa have some decisions to make about their future.

Doc Martin is a British television medical comedy drama series starring Martin Clunes in the title role. The episode number for the second series increased to eight. This was followed by a TV film and a third series of seven episodes. The next four series aired eight episodes each. Series 8 began on 20 September While it was initially reported that the series would end after Series 9 in , Martin Clunes has clarified that it had only been commissioned as far as the next year, thereby not ruling out future plans by the broadcaster.

It's business as usual for Dr Martin Ellingham even though it's his wedding day. He opens the surgery as normal to a stream of patients, including one of the bridesmaids. Louisa's best friend Isobel, who is heavily pregnant, is hit in the eye with a party popper as Roger Fenn, who is giving Louisa away, raises a toast to the bride to be. The doctor prescribes eye-drops, and a patch to cover the injury. An eye patch with a bridesmaid's dress is not a good look. Then Martin offends the local vicar who is due to conduct the wedding ceremony.

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