Game of thrones season 4 episode 9 recap

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Game Of Thrones season 4 episode 9 review: The Watchers On The Wall

game of thrones season 4 episode 9 recap

Game of Thrones Season 4: Episode #9 Recap (HBO)

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There are some episodes of Game Of Thrones that are showcases for the writing prowess of Dan Benioff and DB Weiss and a whole bunch of other great television writers , there are episodes that are dedicated to the prowess of brilliant actors like Peter Dinklage, and then there are episodes of Game Of Thrones that are nothing but spectacle. Given the importance of the ninth episode of each season, it's not surprising that The Watchers On The Wall is less a plot advancing episode and more of a pure spectacle courtesy of one of the masters of the modern action sequence. That would be Neil Marshall, who turned a cult classic film Dog Soldiers into a brilliant turn in the director's chair for the best episode of Game Of Thrones' second season, Blackwater, which made Tyrion a hero, Bronn a knight, The Hound a coward, and broke the armies of Stannis Baratheon. It was a brilliant episode full of both great character moments and great feats of technical process for Marshall and the Thrones special effects crew. The Watchers On The Wall cannot rise up to the level of Blackwater , but it's not for lack of trying.

It is the thirty-ninth episode of the series overall. It premiered on June 8, Weiss and directed by Neil Marshall. Jon Snow and the rest of the Night's Watch face the biggest challenge to the Wall yet. Sam attempts to interrogate Jon about what it was like to be with a woman, stating that as their deaths are looming, it may be his last chance to find out. Jon offers to take the watch up alone so Sam can go below. As Sam steps into the wooden lift and begins to descend the Wall, an owl lands on top of the wall and begins hooting loudly.

The budget had its limitations, but Marshall worked around it in ways that made sense. They are real, walking nightmares. When even is the last time we saw Mance Rayder, the Wildling leader, onscreen? These conversations between characters are what make the show so compelling, and what make its world so rich. Some changes, like making the battle only last one night before Jon went to seek Mance instead of for several days makes complete budgetary sense. But to kill Pyp and Grenn, and to make Alliser Thorne out to be some kind of hero in battle — not to mention Jon not doing a damn thing throughout most of the battle, and then going AWOL afterwards to talk to Mance himself?

Jon Snow's skills and heart are tested in the biggest battle sequence in Thrones history. You know? Just once one more time for good measure? Or kept his foot a little further away from his hand? Or maybe not take a moment while finishing off The Mountain to smile at Ellaria? If he wanted that confession so badly, he could have poked Ser Gregor from, like, five feet away. I mean…just … why?

GAME OF THRONES Recap: “The Watchers on the Wall”

Three hundred miles long, feet high, and 8, years old, the Wall is a mind-bogglingly massive structure. - In other words, you can get a traditional recap anywhere, so here's all the sex, bloodshed, and WTF moments the good stuff that went down this week:. While Jon Snow can definitely kick some ass with his sword fighting skills, an unlikely hero emerged in this episode.

'Game Of Thrones' Season 4 Episode 9 Recap: 'The Watchers On The Wall'

The episode was written by series co-creators David Benioff and D. Weiss , [1] and directed by Neil Marshall. As they keep watch atop the Wall for the coming invasion, Jon and Samwell discuss Jon's relationship with Ygritte during his time with the wildlings. At a nearby camp, the Thenn Warg scouts the Wall using an owl, while Ygritte declares that Jon is hers to kill. Their reunion is cut short by horns signaling that Mance Rayder 's army has arrived.

Katie Walsh. Many a beloved main character usually a Stark, in odd-numbered seasons finds themselves offed in a horrible and bloody way. Season 1: Ned Stark gets liberated from his head. And for the most part, it works in spades. Marshall, a talented action director, is given essentially an hour-long action sequence to unfold, and with the stakes that he is able to build and pay off throughout the episode, it makes for a profoundly engaging, suspenseful, and entertaining hour of television. If anything, the episode also makes the argument for the possible award nomination of John Bradley , the actor who plays Samwell Tarly, the best friend to Jon Snow Kit Harington.

And yet, the choreography in this episode was pretty damn good. I was especially taken by The Scythe, even though I have to point out that it was a little convenient that it swooped down over precisely the range where all those Wildlings had chosen to climb, and at exactly the height to which they had ascended.,





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