Geto boys mind playing tricks

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Musical Appreciation: Geto Boys “Mind Playing Tricks On Me”

geto boys mind playing tricks

"Mind Playing Tricks on Me" is a single by the Geto Boys, featured on their album We Can't Be Stopped. The lyrics used within describe various mental.

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Welcome to Musical Appreciation. I could talk about Thriller the song , but that would be WAY too obvious. It was said that the Geto Boys laid the foundation for the creation of the rap sub-genre horrorcore. For people like Scarface, living in the inner city is like living in a war zone, dealing with gangs, drugs, shootings, etc. Seeing this type of activity has had a negative effect on him mentally. He can barely sleep at night because he keeps having nightmares about someone taking him out. This is something that a lot of celebrities can relate to.

Like many of us, I spent various moments yesterday reading mixed reporting on the status of Bushwick Bill, member of pioneering Houston rap group, Geto Boys. A few weeks ago, we were all met with news that Bill, born Richard Shaw, had been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. It is also one of the few songs that I think is impossible not to like, despite its content. Have you ever heard the original sample though? Isaac Hayes, the legendary Stax Records artist, was tasked with creating the soundtrack for the movie, Three Tough Guys, and did he ever put his foot all in it. It is beautiful.

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Like few other songs of the past 40 years, "Mind Playing Tricks on Me" stands alone in hip-hop history. The Geto Boys ' signature single, a Hot top 40 hit from an era when gangsta rap virtually never crossed over, remains a singular and oft-referenced text in genre scripture. His contributions are iconic from the second the tape starts rolling, as both his beginning fakeout "I sit alone in my four-cornered room


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