Who is georgias new governor

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List of governors of Georgia

who is georgias new governor

Georgia's Governor Signs Heartbeat Abortion Ban Legislation - TIME

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Nathan Deal Republican. Brian Kemp Republican. The Georgia gubernatorial election took place on November 6, , concurrently with other statewide and local elections to elect the next governor of the U. Incumbent Republican Governor Nathan Deal was term-limited and thus could not seek re-election to a third consecutive term. Brian Kemp won the election, defeating Stacey Abrams by just 55, votes. The primary elections were held on May 22, , and a primary runoff was held on July 24, , between Republican candidates Casey Cagle and Brian Kemp , with Kemp winning the runoff election. Kemp was the sitting Secretary of State at the time of the election, leading to accusations of a conflict of interest, as he would be overseeing an election that he was a candidate in.

Republican Brian Kemp won the closest Georgia race for governor in more than 50 years, defeating Democrat Stacey Abrams by a narrow margin after a post-election battle that lasted until the last ballots trickled into county officials more than a week after the vote. The feud between the candidates was as bitter after the election as before it. The election was certified Saturday after all counties had reported their election results. The final tally showed Kemp won the contest by roughly 55, votes but was within about 17, votes of being forced into a runoff. It was the culmination of a fraught race that supercharged voter turnout and helped both candidates shatter records. Kemp won more votes than any Georgia gubernatorial contender ever, while Abrams earned more than any Democratic candidate in state history.

Ms. Abrams acknowledged that her Republican rival Brian Kemp would to allow the Republican Party to maintain its grip on power in Georgia, which . to track criminal aliens in Georgia;” new limits on the state's budget.
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The narrow defeat of Ms. The two candidates ran as unabashed liberals and their strong showings in two pivotal states where Democrats have lately struggled is likely to keep the debate going within the Democratic Party over the best strategy for making gains in There is significant internal disagreement over which candidates the party ought to put forward and how they should run. The race between Ms. Abrams and Mr. Kemp pitted two versions of Georgia against one another.

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The governor of Georgia is the head of the executive branch of Georgia's state government and the commander-in-chief of the state's military forces. The governor also has a duty to enforce state laws, the power to either veto or approve bills passed by the Georgia Legislature , and the power to convene the legislature. There have officially been 77 governors of the state of Georgia, including 11 who served more than one distinct term. The early days were chaotic, with several gaps and schisms in the state's power structure, as the state capital of Savannah was captured during the American Revolutionary War. The state seceded and was part of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War , after which it had several governors appointed by the President of the United States and the military occupation. During Reconstruction , it had two Republican governors, but after local rule was re-established, Democrats would be the only party elected for the next years.

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Now as a governor-elect, Kemp points to Georgia’s future





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