Savage divide treasure map 6

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Fallout 76 Treasure Maps Guide

savage divide treasure map 6

Fallout 76 - Savage Divide Treasure Map #02 Location

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Our Fallout 76 Treasure Maps Locations Guide has been carefully crafted to help you find the treasure you may need. You can finally find treasure in Fallout Treasures will usually involve you finding the treasure maps first, and they will lead you to the treasure. For your better gameplay experience, we have crafted a treasure maps guide that will surely help you find the treasures you desire. If you can not find a treasure at the specific location, you might be doing something wrong. Or someone else might have taken it. Hop onto another server and that problem will be fixed.

There are 10 Savage Divide treasure maps which guide you to treasures buried in Savage Divide. Each one shows a specific location you have to find so that you can dig up the treasure. The treasure map is removed as soon as you find the treasure. Savage Divide Treasure Map The treasure from this treasure map can be found near the New Appalachian Central Trainyard, east of the large lake in The Forest. Go to the train station and then walk along the railway tracks to the north.

Fallout 76 Savage Divide Treasure Map Locations

Savage Divide Treasure Map No. 06

Videos for treasuremap. Minecraft Survival - Part 27 - Fallout 76 - Forest Treasure Map 08 Location - Fallout 76 - Forest Treasure Map 8 shows you where to find this map, and how to solve it Detailed guide How to Make a Treasure Map - Fallout 76 - Forest Treasure Map 02 Location - Fallout 76 - Forest Treasure Map 2 Location shows you where to find this map, and how to solve it Detailed guide

Savage Divide Treasure Maps - Fallout 76

New to Fallout is the addition of Treasure Maps that can be found during your adventures in Fallout It's possible to find these in containers while exploring Appalachia, though players may have a better chance of locating one in more dangerous "dungeon" type areas. Upon finding a Treasure Map, you'll be given only faint clues - a drawing of the area the treasure is located, with no apparent names or writing - and you'll have to use the landmarks shown, cross references with the icons on the map to figure out its location. The only real clue comes from the name of the treasure map itself, as it will denote which of the six main regions you can find the treasure in:. The Forest Treasure Map 4 depicts a crashed biplane near a tall tree at the edge of what appears to be a farmhouse, looking upon the plane towards the north, where the treasure lies just next to it. To find this treasure, enter the backyard of the Anchor Farm - you can't miss the crashed bi-plane, and you can find a mound of dirt right next to the plane to locate your treasure.

Dulfy 5 Comments Dec 2, From time to time while looting containers and enemy corpses, you will find Fallout 76 Treasure maps. These maps have a simple sketch on them that will lead you to a small cache of items with X marks the spot. Once you reach the X, you just need to use the activate button on the ground to dig up the treasure. If you have party members nearby, they will receive the treasure as well.

Savage divide treasure maps are hints pointing towards hidden loot in this area of Fallout It is one of the biggest zones on the map, going down the middle of Appalachia, from north to south. This guide is going to help you get all the loot by showing you Fallout 76 Savage Divide treasure map locations. This treasure is buried near the New Appalachian Central Trainyard, east of the big forest lake. Go to the trainyard and head north along the railway until you can a big power transmission line on the left, and a round dome on a tower in the distance to the right. The mound will be in the dirt between the blue and red train cars. Go to the top of the ski lift from the dome, then follow it downhill.

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