The most dangerous game simile

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Examples of simile and metaphor in The Most Dangerous Game

the most dangerous game simile

The Most Dangerous Game colourized

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It's Like moist black velvet. The Most Dangerous Game was created in In The Most Dangerous Game, the term "game" is used as a synonym for animals, prey. In this story, the game hunted are humans. Therefore, humans are "the most dangerous game". In the story, a big-game hunter is marooned on an island, and becomes the unwilling prey of another hunter.

Book: The Most Dangerous Game. Topics: Simile. Richard Connell tells us about a hunter who, in escaping from boredom, invented a new aim for his awful hunting that has consciousness. It is considered as the popular narrative by this author. The name of the man who is the so vivid representation of the contradiction and an example for comparison in the narrative is a General Zaroff. His graceful manner of speech and aristocratic behavior compare with his indifference and heartlessness in the matter of killing.

The Most Dangerous Game Metaphors and Similes

A vocabulary list featuring "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard real-time to see which team can answer the most questions was always the hunt. If Rainsford wins the hunt,. - We think you have liked this presentation.



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  1. A simile is a comparison of two dissimilar things that share similar characteristics, as if they were the same—using "like" or "as" in the comparison. For example.

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