Carly pearce hide the wine lyrics

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Hide The Wine Lyrics – Carly Pearce

carly pearce hide the wine lyrics

Hide the Wine Lyrics: I heard you were back in town / Well it's been a hot minute since me and you were hanging out / Yeah we had that crazy.


While Carly Pearce may not have written her single " Hide the Wine ," the song is remarkably representative of a certain side of her personality. Not only does the bluegrass-flavored twang speak to her roots as a performer at Dollywood , but the fun, uptempo ode to flirtation and having a bit too much to drink reflects a different side of Pearce than fans got to see on her breakout single, the heartbreak ballad " Every Little Thing. At a media event, Pearce sat down with The Boot and other media outlets to discuss how the song came to be recorded, and why she didn't originally think she was going to have a chance to cut it. Read on to learn more. I wanted to do something that was completely different than "Every Little Thing. It was definitely a large moment in time for me, but I'm not depressed all the time! I'm actually pretty happy a lot of the time, and I do love wine a lot.

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With chart-topping songs and a network of devoted fans across the United States, Carly Pearce, 28, is one of the leading ladies of country music right now. After nearly a decade of trying to "make it" in Nashville, the singer-songwriter notched a breakout hit in with her emotional ballad "Every Little Thing," leading to a record deal, touring gigs with Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan, and an appearance in last year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. She followed her debut success with "Hide the Wine," a tune that introduced fans to her real-life love of wine. The music video, featuring goblets of wine and bottles of Elouan —donated by the winery—drives the sentiment home. Wine Spectator: When did you first get into wine? Carly Pearce: It's kind of funny.

Carly Pearce - Hide the Wine Lyrics

I mean, it sounds like a smart idea to me, especially hearing the way Pearce is clearly moved by said ex. The production could have been more adventurous to match this spirit; the most we get is the heavily chorused guitar riffs and backing vocals.

I heard you were back in town Well, it's been a hot minute Since me and you were hangin' out Yeah, we had that crazy kind of chemistry Where you get burned, don't learn, don't care Just reach for another match and gasoline, yeah. Knock, knock, hear ya comin', knockin' on my door But you're gonna have to wait on the porch. Better hide the wine and get it gone I better hide every one of them records that turn me on Lock 'em up, lock 'em up Turn up the lights and kill the mood Because, baby, I just don't trust myself with you I better hide the wine. I know me and I know you I better get rid of all the two-buck chuck And the high dollar good stuff too 'Cause, baby, if I don't, then you know what we'll do, yeah One sip, one tip, we'll be sittin' on the couch You'll be kickin' off your shoes. Knock, knock, hear ya comin', knockin' on my door But you're gonna have to wait another minute on the porch Oh no, no, it's a dangerous thing Pourin' alcohol on an old flame. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds.

Like much of Carly's music, "Hide The Wine" touches on a very relatable situation. The song tells the story of having a little too much to drink and then calling an old flame that you probably shouldn't — so you should hide that thing that would make you want to whip out your phone in the first place in this case it's wine. And we all know that that's not a good idea, so we have to lock up the vice, which, in this particular song and in my life, is always wine. Even though Carly didn't write "Hide The Wine," it's no surprise this song is relatable to Carly, because she really does love wine! Pearce told iHeartRadio in a previous interview that she loves red wine, further explaining that her two favorites are Freakshow Cabernet and Caymus Cabernet. And just where would Carly "Hide The Wine" if she had to?

A record deal, a number 1 song, an album and the kind of attention usually reserved for Nashville superstars. We were lucky enough to chat to her about it all recently. Not to add any stress or pressure to you right now, but when can we expect to see you over here in the UK? There are no set plans as of right now, but I do know that I am supposed to be coming sometime next year. I am coming in though, I promise!




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