The most powerful man in the world cnn documentary

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CNN to air Putin documentary: 'The Most Powerful Man in the World'

the most powerful man in the world cnn documentary

Hillary Clinton: Putin is arrogant and tough

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As Vladimir Putin begins his fourth term as president of Russia, Fareed Zakaria hosts a special presentation of ‘THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE WORLD’ for this weekend’s Fareed Zakaria GPS for CNN/U.S. (Sunday, March 25 at am EDT / am PDT) and CNN International (2.
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By Fareed Zakaria. ET on CNN. The views expressed in this commentary are those of the author. But why? After all, the United States -- and China, for that matter -- are more powerful countries than Russia.

But why? After all, the United States and China are more powerful countries than Russia. The power of the head of state is determined both by the strength of the country and by the ability to exercise this power, unilaterally, without the restrictions of other institutions of power. By combining this, it is easy to understand why Vladimir Putin is at the top of the list. To understand Putin, you must understand Russia. Then comes Vladimir Putin, who introduces stability and, in popular perception, an increase in the standard of living and an increase in fame and respect in the world. This respect is important.


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Kremlin Says Putin CNN Documentary Is “Hysterical” & “Often Complete Fiction”

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