The fifth risk book review

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The Fifth Risk

the fifth risk book review

The Fifth Risk book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. What are the consequences if the people given control over our go.

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The Fifth Risk can be thought of as a book to celebrate the dedicated government employees who labor in obscurity to make all of us safer. Lewis barely discusses the five risks and fails to consistently label the fifth. And even though his subtitle is Undoing Democracy , Lewis never mentions the most appalling risk that such an undoing would threaten. Lewis begins with the difficulty of getting Trump to set up a presidential transition team during the primary season even though it was legally required. And he threatened to shut it down after he became the Republican nominee. According to one of his advisers, few Americans had less interest in the federal government than Trump. However, no one from the new administration showed up.

Email address:. The Fifth Risk. What The Reviewers Say. It is a love letter to underappreciated people and old-fashioned notions, and to underappreciated people holding fast to old-fashioned notions. The Fifth Risk challenges us to expect and appreciate those qualities at the highest levels of our federal workforce. Better yet, to demand them.

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In The Fifth Risk, Michael Lewis gives an inside account of the troubled transition from the Obama to Trump White House and the new.
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If someone had asked you a few weeks ago whether former New Jersey Gov. Lewis says this was like trying to persaude Trump that he needed to study for a test he might never take. Two years later, out of more than key government positions requiring Senate confirmation, only have been confirmed, and a full have no nominee at all. Lewis has a reputation for taking fairly arcane subjects high finance, sovereign debt, baseball statistics, behavioral economics and making them not just accessible but entertaining. Two of its three parts appeared as articles in Vanity Fair; the other as an audiobook original.


Book Review: 'The Fifth Risk'

The Fifth Risk by Michael Lewis

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