Lady gaga the edge of glory live on american idol

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Lady Gaga Brings a Dose of ‘Glory’ to ‘American Idol’

lady gaga the edge of glory live on american idol

Watch the world premiere video for Lady Gaga's 'The Edge of Glory' Performance by Lady Gaga - The Edge Of Glory in American Idol Finale May

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Emellett a Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson. Broadcast Music Incorporated. House of Gaga Publishing. Entertainment Weekly.

Lady Gaga took her performance to the edge — and then took a diving leap over it — during Wednesday's May 25 "American Idol" season finale. Gaga, who memorably mentored the contestants earlier this season — advising Haley Reinhart to up the drama quotient in her performance, she told her, "Give them a little, 'I'm crazy and I'm a laugh away from a tear' " — performed her new single "Edge of Glory. Dressed in a long cape and a bedazzled headpiece draped with hanging chains, Gaga was rendered practically immobile, as she didn't have much space to maneuver atop her spot. A trio of dancers were at the base of the set performing choreographed dance steps while Gaga belted high above them. Gaga ditched her cape and headpiece after the song's first verse, revealing a Xena the Warrior Princess-type battle-ready bikini ensemble, accented by a flowing blond wig and an oversize cross. Bathed in deep blue lights, she fingered at a piano that was built into her set, and wailed the song's booming, summertime-ready chorus. She was joined up top by a shirtless male dancer as Bruce Springsteen sidekick Clarence Clemons who performs the gigantic sax solo at the center of the song reprised his role on the Nokia Theatre stage.

Lady Gaga brought a massive dose of 'Glory' to tonight's ' American Idol ' season finale, performing her new single, 'The Edge of Glory. She sang the initial verse perched atop a makeshift mountain while wearing a serious headdress that looked like a chandelier for her head. Gaga's got a passion for haberdashery-style couture and elaborate headgear. When she soared into the song's verse, using her deeper register to sing, "I'm on the edge of glory with you," the head piece came off and so did any other remnants of clothing. Her now-signature black bra, panties and boots were her sole costume it was a one song performance, who has time for a wardrobe change? What was most striking about Gaga's 'Idol' performance -- and yes, every Gaga performance is attention arresting in one form or another -- was that despite all the visual accoutrements and her outrageous styling, it was her voice that kept us glued to the TV for the entire song.

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Just when you thought a seasonal extravaganza that sees Lady Gaga and The Muppets teaming up for a selection of festive tunes was odd, in walked RuPaul to duet on a Bowie-sounding ode to fashion… all while she sported what appeared to be a brown lampshade on her head. This was definitely evident at her VMAs debut, where she gave one of her most theatrical performances to date. In the space of just four and a half minutes, Gaga followed the yellow brick road and transformed herself into Dorothy, Glinda the Good Witch and even a singing apple tree, all with the aid of wig changes and props. In fact, there was hair almost everywhere except for her head. It turns out, you do it by dressing up as a man and singing a song about your break-up from the perspective of your ex-boyfriend, including a three-minute monologue to introduce the song, and a guitar solo from Brian May.

Lady Gaga pushes to the edge on 'American Idol' finale and jumps (see photos here)

It has made it's mark as being one of the most popular shows in American television history. The current host of the show is Fox. - Amber Mark.

Lady Gaga - The Edge Of Glory At American Idol

Did anyone else find it a little ironic that two wholesome teenagers with good reputations were being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest on the ' American Idol" finale last night , and just minutes later the teens — and millions of TV viewers — were watching a risque performance by Lady Gaga and a half-naked guy on the Idol stage? No surprise that Lady Gaga is pushing the envelope as far as she can, but I'm wondering if anyone associated with the Idol production even took a second to ponder whether the singer's sexually suggestive moves on top of a makeshift cliff as she sang her latest single "Edge of Glory" went just a little too far for a family-oriented show that's geared toward a younger audience? Particularly when the finalists happen to be the youngest pair in "American Idol" history. The singer started her song with a long cape and a giant headpiece, then stripped down to some sort of superhero lingerie Wonder Woman? Xena the Warrior Princess? It was an elaborate, and dazzling, performance and the crowd in the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles seemed to love it, based on the applause.

After mentoring the final four contestants on season 10 of American Idol, Lady Gaga returns on the season finale with an emotional performance of The Edge of Glory, from her new album Born This Way. Lady Gaga is set to release songs from hew new album on FarmVille. The singer will let fans listen to tracks from Born This Way, due in stores on May 23rd, on a section of the online game before they can be heard anywhere else. View Work. Staff , Live Reviews , Music.


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Lady Gaga performing The Edge of Glory (Live on American Idol). © Interscope Records.
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