The upside movie true story

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In ĎThe Upside,í a predictable story yields laughs

the upside movie true story

We look at how accurate The Upside movie is, comparing it to the true story of quadriplegic Philippe Pozzo di Borgo and his caretaker Abdel Sellou.

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January 11, That film, too, had its loose connection to real events. Also grieving the death of his wife, he has no desire to live out his life, despite the upbeat urgencies of his executive assistant, Yvonne Nicole Kidman, underserved in an underwritten role , who has been interviewing potential caregivers. The least capable, Dell Kevin Hart , ends up with the job. That he is eminently unqualified is, for Phil, perhaps his greatest qualification: He thinks that if he is proved to be beyond the reach of care, he can be left to die in peace. Of course, we know how this will play out. The opening sequence, from which the film flashes back, where the two men are joyriding in a car as the police chase them, is a not-too-subtle giveaway.

The Upside is based on a true story sort of. The new movie (directed by Limitless' Neil Burger) follows ex-con Dell Scott (Kevin Hart), who.
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The American remake of The Intouchables, The Upside , starring Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston , may not have resonated with audiences in the same way as its predecessor. The New Remake Is In the movie, Phillip Lacasse Cranson , is an extremely wealthy entrepreneur who made his fortune buying up failing tech startups and making them successful. The di Borgo name is part of the French aristocracy and can be traced back to the s. He grew up surrounded by wealth and opulence, almost all of which he inherited from his noble ancestors. While he may have grown up rich, Philippe added to his wealth by becoming a successful businessman, a trait that he shares with his fictional counterpart.

The Upside true story - a quadriplegic, ex-con and their life changing friendship

The Upside true story reveals that the real-life paragliding accident happened in the Savoyard reliefs of Mont Bisanne in the Swiss Alps in when Philippe was
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However, after an unfortunate accident, he became a quadriplegic. His recovery was not easy and he fell into a depression. The two struck up an unlikely connection that blossomed into a friendship that allowed both men to transcend their troubled histories. The two formed a real-world bond worthy of memoirs and movies. Di Borgo had been paragliding for years and considered himself an expert. He was 42 years old at the time of the accident. The combination of the accident and his wife's passing sent di Borgo spiraling into a deep depression.



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