We re in the money song

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THE GOLD DIGGERS SONG (Were in the Money) By Al Dubin

we re in the money song

The Gold Diggers' Song is a song from the Warner Bros. film Gold Diggers of , sung in the opening sequence by Ginger Rogers and chorus.

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Sign in. See the list. Title: We're in the Money The money soon joins for a chorus, as well as display dolls in the wardrobe department. Eichenberg stud. The basic premise surrounds a group of toys who start to walk, talk, sing and play instruments when the shop owner has gone to bed. In a blatant plug for the song which Warners owned , toys, hats, and the like join together in chorus.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. You must enable javascript to view this page. This is a requirement of our licensing agreement with music Gracenote. We're in the money we're in the money We've got a lot of what it takes to get along We're in the money the skies are sunny Old man depression, you are through you done us wrong We never see a headline 'bout a breadline today And when we see the landlord we know that we can pay, oh We're in the money come, on my honey Let's spend it, lend it, send it rolling right along Gone are my blues, gone are my tears I've got good news to shout right in your ears The Silver Dollar has come back to the fold With silver you can turn your, your dreams to gold We've got a lot of what it takes to get along, yeah We've got a lot of what it takes to get along, yeah What a lot of love, wo Old man depression you done us wrong, yeah-eah Old man depression you done us wrong, yeah-eah What a lot of love, wo We never see a headline 'bout a breadline In the papers today When we see the landlord, we don't worry We know that we can pay It's so happy, all the trouble's gone Hear us singing a happy song Just shout all day long We're in the money now Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief Doctor, lawyer, Indian chief They're all in the money now.

Digitized at 78 revolutions per minute. Four stylii were used to transfer this record. They are 3. These were recorded flat and then also equalized with Turnover: The preferred versions suggested by an audio engineer at George Blood, L. Compilations - Other albums which feature this performance of the song. Covers - Performances of a song with the same name by different artists.

From Wikipedia :. The story is based on the play The Gold Diggers by Avery Hopwood, which ran for performances on Broadway in and That film, Gold Diggers of Broadway , which starred Nancy Welford and Conway Tearle, was the biggest box office hit of that year, and Gold Diggers of was one of the top grossing films of Gelsey, with additional dialogue by David Boehm and Ben Markson. Ginger Rogers and a chorus of girls dressed in scanty outfits sequined with coins perform the number at the very beginning of the Gold Diggers of Rogers sings most of the third chorus, a repetition of the first with slight modifications in translation in Pig-Latin.

We're In the Money lyrics

Lyrics to The We're in the Money (The Gold Diggers Song) by Fred Astaire from the Love of My Life album - including song video, artist biography, translations.
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