Should i confront the other woman

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Should You Confront The Other Woman?

should i confront the other woman

I Confronted The Other Woman

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This was days after he admitted having an affair with her. A 6-month affair to be exact. But he did everything he could to avoid spilling out her name. When he finally did, I spent the next three nights fully awake, agonizing about one question:. On the one hand, I really wanted to tell her off.

Some times partners ask me about confronting the other woman While what she says could be true, you can't trust her -- so putting any value.
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When you're cheated on, the devastation of betrayal can make you react in uncharacteristic ways. Obsessive behaviors take over and you may behave in a way you never believed possible. This isn't only true for women; this applies to men who have been cheated on as well. If you do happen to find out who the mistress or other person is, the open wound may cause you to act out via confrontation. What's the driving force when we feel a compulsion to speak to the other person? Typically it's to feel better -- to take away a bit of our pain. Somehow, we think that that course of action provides more benefits than the alternative.

6 Strategies For Confronting The Other Woman

In general, society looks at the other man or other woman as being the responsible party in an affair., I was emailed recently by a reader who wanted to know if she should confront The Other Woman after discovering that her husband had been cheating. I want to speak to this woman.



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