Why finland has the best education by michael moore

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why finland has the best education by michael moore

By contrast, Finland's schools have been described by William Last year, Michael Moore featured many of Finland's innovative educational.

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The Finnish education system is a surprisingly well-known topic in Latin America. The thing is, most of the information that the media spreads about the Finnish education system is completely absurd. So, let me try. Even so, I figured my best informants for such an article would be Finnish teachers and parents, who are currently, actively inside the education system. Some of these people have also gone to school in countries like Brazil, Italy and Ecuador, and some have children who have gone to school in countries like Honduras and Spain. Finland is a fairly just country to its own citizens, yet definitely not an easy one for immigrants.

Michael Moore wanted to find out why Finnish schools were at the top of the PISA tables and the USA was near the bottom. This film is full of answers to that.
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W here should the USA invade next? A fairly loaded question given the last decade, but something we have come to expect from the adoringly or devastatingly depending on where you position yourself rambunctious Michael Moore over his career. So, where does the provocative and brash documentary-maker situate himself in his most recent film, Where to Invade Next. Moore is a personality that has developed over time, from a more serious, documentary and confrontational style that was seen in Bowling for Columbine , that has tipped the scales towards an over-the-top and extroverted sledgehammer, observed in his latest film. Through it, Moore plays the stereotypical US citizen, being baffled by a convenient, hand-picked selection of countries that challenge the glaring flaws and inadequacy he sees in his home country.

Michael Moore’s ‘Where to Invade Next’ Idolises the Finnish Education System

The Finland Phenomenon: The Best Education System (sub spanish)

Where to Invade Next Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Michael Moore Documentary HD


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