Matthew berry love hate week 10

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Love, hate and seller's remorse

matthew berry love hate week 10

Matthew shares a story of a man and how fantasy football has helped him stay on the right path, and offers his usual lineup advice for Week

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It was the Monday morning after Week 6's games, and Miami Dolphins running back Jay Ajayi had just had 26 touches for total yards and two touchdowns. And as we got to the Dolphins-Steelers game, my Fantasy Focus podcast co-host Field Yates turned to me, rattled off the stats, and asked very simply, "Do you buy this? And I said that I did. We discussed what we had seen from Ajayi in that game, how he had dominated the Dolphins' running back touches and how head coach Adam Gase had been public about wanting to go with one main back, and then I added this: "He's definitely a legit starting RB in fantasy this year, kind of a midtier RB2, but obviously he's not going to run for yards every week. Clearly I was wrong, as in Week 7, Ajayi did go off for , this time on 29 touches for total yards and a score.

Was so awesome over the years. Three heart-eye emojis. And so on. I have gotten many positive and supportive tweets over the past four weeks about my new 50 Facts column format and certainly, people are still reading it, for which I am eternally grateful. But I would also be lying if I said that every week, after every column post, I don't get replies like these as well. In tweets, texts, comments on my posts in the Fantasy Life app and in conversations with friends, I have heard the same refrain for a month now. The challenge, of course, is that all of the same issues that caused me to retire the column in the first place still exist.

That's a quote from me to one of my editors today as I was about to start writing this. To which he replied, "Why not answer some of the ones asking about start or sit questions? It's no fun. It's also not necessary. I rank players every Wednesday just like my colleagues Nate, Chris, Eric and Scott, incidentally.

It started with an innocent tweet MatthewBerryTMR found this gem in our leagues roster moves I lost count of how many screen shots poured in. I retweeted some of them but definitely not all. Even for a nutty game like fantasy football, it's been a weird and wacky year between big-name injuries, unexpected performances and early-round busts.

Berry: Love/Hate for Week 10

For several weeks, he made his way through the mountains of Iran and the rolling plateaus of Turkey. Plastic bags are forever. Burger King's new Impossible Whopper is exactly what it claims to be: a vegetable product that looks exactly like a thin, gray, lumpy fast-food beef patty — and tastes like one too.

Love, Hate and living sober

Everything else you're about to read, however, is percent true. Starting with how he opened his email to me. He had a normal upbringing, to the extent anything can be considered normal these days. But his parents are still together, there were no money issues in the home, and no tragedy befell Scott. To his friends, family and teachers, he seemed like a typical kid. He played sports, had a girlfriend, had solid grades. But he said he always felt like he was "putting on a show.

Love/Hate Week 10: So you dropped Devonta Freeman for a kicker ...





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