Found it in a drawer

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Fossil of extinct big African lion found in Kenyan museum drawer

found it in a drawer

Band Of Horses - In A Drawer (Lyric Video)


Please refresh the page and retry. The Lewis Chessmen - a famous hoard of 93 objects - were discovered in on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. The antiques dealer, from Edinburgh, had no idea of the significance of the 8. They have looked after it for 50 years without realising its importance, before bringing it to Sotheby's auction house in London. They are seen as an "important symbol of European civilisation" and have also seeped into popular culture, inspiring everything from children's show Noggin The Nog to part of the plot in Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone. Sotheby's expert Alexander Kader, who examined the piece for the family, said that his "jaw dropped" when he realised what they had in their possession.

By Amanda Woods. A gigantic new species of mammal with enormous fangs has been identified in Kenya, after its fossils were found tucked away in a museum drawer, according to news reports.
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For years, in a cabinet at the National Museums of Kenya, were stored the fossils of a predator that lived 22 million years ago in Africa. In , Ohio University paleontologist Nancy Stevens was working in Nairobi when she saw a chunk of rock containing massive teeth at the museum. The two published their findings this month in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. Scientists hope the findings could help them understand more about hyaenodonts and other giant carnivorous predators. Borths says the carnivores could have succumbed to dramatic climate change as intense wet and dry season precipitated the growth of grasslands about 10 million years ago and leading to the scarcity of prey including early elephants.

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Band of Horses - In A Drawer (Why Are You OK - 2016)

Chess piece bought for ?5 and kept in a drawer for 50 years is missing treasure worth ?1m

A 14th-century French gold coin was discovered inside one of three hidden drawers in a bureau inherited by a woman who lives in Derbyshire, England. The mother of three, Amy Clapp, 37, told reporters she had no idea the year-old coin or the secret drawers existed after being left a 20th-century bureau by her distant cousin. Edward Rycrodt with the coin and the tiny drawer he found it in. Photo courtesy of Hansons Auctioneers. The princes of Orange lived in France in the 14th century.

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Band Of Horses - In A Drawer (Best Kept Secret)

Missing Lewis Chessman found in drawer could be worth more than $1M





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  1. The Lewis Chessmen were found on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland's Outer Hebrides in , but the circumstances of their discovery are shrouded in mystery.

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