Retired navy admiral william mcraven

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William H. McRaven

retired navy admiral william mcraven

Retired Adm. McRaven responds to Trump's Fox News interview

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Navy four-star admiral, joined the school as a professor in national security in As chancellor, he oversaw 14 institutions that educate , students and employ 20, faculty and more than 80, health care professionals, researchers and staff. As the commander of U. Special Operations Command, McRaven led a force of 69, men and women and was responsible for conducting counter-terrorism operations worldwide. He is a recognized national authority on U. Bush and Barack Obama and other U. His book, Spec Ops: Case Studies in Special Operations Warfare: Theory and Practice , published in several languages, is considered a fundamental text on special operations strategy.

For many people, millennials are seen as super-entitled , self-involved , over-sensitive snowflakes who don't have the brains or brawn to, among other noble callings, serve as the next great generation of American warfighters. Retired Navy Adm. William H. McRaven is here to tell you that you have no idea what you're talking about. But in the process, the legendary commander ended up offering a full-throated defense of the millennial generation that a CBS host deemed "not known for rigor and courage overall. Do you think McRaven's right? Or wrong?

This was just one of many famous quotes to come from a University of Texas commencement speech. In the now famous speech that has been viewed over 4 million times on YouTube, McRaven gave University of Texas' graduating class advice on how to change the world. McRaven explains the mantra, which later became the title of a 1 New York Times bestselling book, will help people start each day by accomplishing a task then one more, and another. It also helps emphasize the importance of the "little things. Read more : Here's the story behind one of the most iconic photos from the bin Laden raid. In Navy SEAL training, sailors who failed at basic tasks had to perform extra training at the end of each day.

Admiral McRaven retired from the U.S. Navy on 1 September During the last few years of his career.
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From to , he was the chancellor of The University of Texas System. McRaven retired from the U. Navy on August 28, , after more than 37 years of service. He has two older sisters. His family moved to Texas while he was in elementary school and settled in San Antonio. He attended Theodore Roosevelt High School where he took part in track.



Retired Admiral McRaven has no regrets over criticizing Trump

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Navy SEAL warns of Trump's attacks on US institutions William H. McRaven, a retired Navy admiral, was commander of the U.S. Joint Special.
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