What happened to boonk gang

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what happened to boonk gang

What Happened To Boonk?

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Boonk Gang is on the road to recovery after getting punched in the face so hard that he broke his jaw in two different places and lost several teeth. The social media star, known for his controversial pranks and shenanigans, has been laying low recently and keeping off the scene after he allegedly shot himself last year and got into a fight with a videographer on the set of a music video. He even changed his name to John Gabbana and started rapping to try and prove that he was headed down a new path. But new footage recently surfaced on the internet showing the social media star back into some drama and getting a beat down from a man almost half his size. Footage of JohnGabbana aka Boonk altercation.

Boonk Gang, known in the rap game as John Gabbana, says if anyone asks he "walked into a wall" as footage emerged of him being socked in the jaw by a much smaller man. The footage shows Boonk approaching a group of men, although their conversation can't be heard, the exchange seems fairly harmless as Boonk and one of the men shrug at each-other. However, a third man - hidden from view and standing about a head shorter than the rest of the group - suddenly punches Boonk in the side of his face, the rapper's head snaps backwards and he quickly runs away, clutching his jaw in pain. The video surfaced after Boonk uploaded a post to his Instagram page captioned: "Broken jaw on both sides, surgery am. I ran into a wall.

Under the name Boonk Gang, Hill has released two albums; Gabbana Attack and Dat Boonk Gang Shit. The latter is available on Spotify, with.
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He got arrested several times for it, but it was all a part of his brand-building strategy on Instagram. Last year, his Instagram account got deleted after he live-streamed himself having sex which violates IG policies. He later started a rap career under the name John Gabbana. Fast forward to this weekend, Boonk Gang got his jaw broken in what appears to be another stunt gone wrong. The full story is not yet known, but Boonk denied that he was punched and told his fans on IG that he ran into a wall.

Boonk Gang Has Jaw Surgically "Wired Shut" After Botched Prank

Boonk Gang is the online pseudonym of South Florida resident John Robert Hill, who gained much online notoriety for posting footage of himself performing stunts and committing various crimes on Instagram. On January 28th, , the Boonk Gang Facebook [3] page was launched. On April 10th, the boonk.


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