What is a bar ditch

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What is a borrow ditch definition

what is a bar ditch

bar ditch

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Learn something new every day More Info A bar ditch is a type of channel that extends along both sides of a road. Also known as a barrow pit or bar pit, it is used for drainage. The dirt removed in order to dig the bar ditch may also be added to the adjoining road in order to further elevate it above the area around it. This term is heard most frequently in the southwestern United States of America. In most cases, a bar ditch is found alongside a gravel or dirt road.

Privacy Terms. Skip to content Wordwizard For lovers of the English Language. Bar Ditch. I have looked for explanations and the two mentions are: Bar for Borrow the dirt for the road. Bar for bar cattle for getting on the road.

A borrow ditch is a roadside channel dug for drainage purposes. Typically, the dirt is "borrowed" from the ditch, and used to crown the road. It is a variation of a Bar borrow Pit, in construction, when dirt is removed and used for construction purposes, and later left to fill with water, forming ponds or lakes. Also, adjacent to pasturage, confines cattle keeping livestock from straying onto road [cattle country, western USA] [Possibly archaic] The term is most often used in the Southwestern United States. Word in Definition.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. I'm from the American West and have heard a term local northern Utah, southern Idaho, western Wyoming rural farmers and ranchers use regularly with a half-dozen variations when they refer to ditches, usually deep ditches running designed to collect and transport run-off from snow or rain running alongside two-lane public highways.
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Search The Word Detective and our family of websites: This is the easiest way to find a column on a particular word or phrase. We deeply appreciate the erudition and energy of our commenters. Your comments frequently make an invaluable contribution to the story of words and phrases in everyday usage over many years. I have been unimpressed by this explanation for forty-five or fifty years now. Any suggestions? Hey, we live on a road like that, with no shoulder and deep ditches on both sides.

Borrow ditch definition is - a ditch dug along a roadway to furnish fill and provide drainage. A borrow ditch is a roadside channel dug for drainage purposes. Typically, the dirt is "borrowed" from the ditch, and used to crown the road. It is a variation of a. The term barrow pit may derive from barrow-ditch or barrow-dick, cited in. While the term is a corruption of both barrow ditch and borrow ditch and shares characteristics with both, a bar ditch is more recent than either, as it came into. Bar ditch definition, a roadside borrow pit dug for drainage purposes.

What Is a Bar Ditch?

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