What is a redbud tree

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Redbud tree Facts

what is a redbud tree

Mark Knopfler - Redbud Tree

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Eastern redbud Cercis canadensis , also called Judas tree, is an outstanding, deciduous ornamental tree in South Carolina. This is a small tree native to the eastern United States and Canada, with lavender-pink blossoms that open early in spring and are as colorful as any flowering spring tree in the landscape. It is adapted to all areas of South Carolina. Redbuds always remain small, maturing at 20 to 30 feet in height and 15 to 35 feet in width. They generally grow as a small tree with a divided trunk close to the ground.

Most people never forget the first time they see a redbud tree in full bloom. In my case, the memorable occasion took place at a local arboretum in early spring. The morning sun was shining on a group of nearly a dozen redbuds with flowers fully unfurled, setting off a spectacular show of pink fireworks. The horizontal branching pattern of the redbud adds architectural interest and makes an attractive canopy for spring bulbs. Photo by: Saxon Holt. As I returned to observe these trees throughout the year, I discovered that their beauty extends well beyond the spring season, as the fading flowers give way to heart-shaped green to bronze leaves in summer and brown pods that remain on the tree after the leaves fall.

Learn all about eastern redbud trees, including planting and care information. Plus discover the best redbud varieties to grow in your garden.
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Eastern redbud is named for where it grows, in eastern North America, and the beautiful, reddish flower buds. Other names include Judas-tree. Trees grow on upland and disturbed sites in a variety of soils. Trees are frequent in mesic woodlands across Kentucky. Redbud is not ranked as a plant of conservation concern by the Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission. Eastern redbud is a small deciduous tree. Trees typically grow 20 feet in height with a similar spread and have gracefully ascending branches and a rounded shape.

How to Manage and ID Eastern Redbud Trees

The american redbud can be expected to grow in Hardiness Zones 49. View Map.

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Growing redbud trees is a great way to add brilliant color to your landscape. In addition, the care of redbud trees is easy. Continue reading the following redbud tree information to learn how to care for a redbud tree. The redbud tree Cercis canadensis is a member of the bean family and is known as a Judas tree because according to some, Judas Iscariot used a relative of the redbud to hang himself. This tree is an attractive ornamental tree that is native to the eastern United States but will grow in USDA planting zones 4 through 8. Mauve-pink blossoms greet the spring, lasting for two to three weeks and adding color to any landscape. Leaves are heart-shaped with a long stem.



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  1. The state tree of Oklahoma, Eastern Redbud is a moderate to rapid-grower when young, reaching a height of 20 to 30 feet.

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