What is the metal library

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Legendary Metal Library Found in Tayos Cave in Ecuador

what is the metal library

Feature Articles – The Quest For The Metal Library A system of tunnels and caves beneath Ecuador and Peru is reputed to hold an ancient treasure-house of.

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The Tayos caves of Ecuador are a legendary vast natural underground network of caves spanning many kilometres, very little of which has been officially explored. The truth behind the Tayos caves has remained out-of-reach, so last month Ancient Origins carried out an expedition to the caves to see just what lay within this enigmatic subterranean world. Written references to the Tayos caves go back as far as , but it has been known to the indigenous Shuar people for much longer. The caves sit within Shuar territory and is one of the reasons why it has rarely been explored — the Shuar decide who is allowed access to their sacred land. In , the largest and most expensive exploration of Tayos cave was launched, led by Stan Hall, and involving over a hundred people, including British and Ecuadorian military personnel, expert cavers, as well as Neil Armstrong. The Shuar people stated they had investigated the wrong cave, and the location of the treasures was secret. Inside Tayos cave.

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But there is another discovery involving this legendary archeologist that has faded away over the years. In at the height of his fame for his work on the chariot of the gods he told the world about a gigantic tunnel system in Ecuador which he was told spanned the length of the entire content. And within this tunnel system there was a room or a hall that possessed amazing artifacts and books that were made out of metal. Now the native people of this particular area were just primitive Indian tribes with no written languages what so ever. But at that time there was really no evidence at all to support these claims.

Because I own this picture!! Copyright and all rights to it I welcome you to Please go to my web page for details and information about Me and the work that I do with the Tayaos Caves and Artifacts. Which, the way it is published in the article, it could be presumed that I am part of that team. I am NOT!! It does not mention the name of the radio station nor the show this Information was released or a date, of where and when this news was Supposedly Broadcast. My work has always been spread with Transparent Solidarity, and Freedom to decide for yourselves. The greatest thing that can happen now is proving the story with photo and video evidence.

Members Portal. Some people believe that this cave in Ecuador harbors an alien library etched on metallic plates. Filed under Ancient Mysteries , Urban Legends. Skeptoid Podcast August 21, Podcast transcript Subscribe. Turn on the TV to one of our favorite pseudoscience or pseudohistory networks, and you're more than likely to see a program revealing a marvelous cave in South America, filled not just with golden riches, but also with proof of ancient advanced civilizations — possibly even ancient aliens. It's called the Cueva de los Tayos in Ecuador, so incredible that scientists have been leading expeditions there for decades. Even Neil Armstrong joined one such expedition.

Hunt for the Metal Library

The story of Father Crespi is a mysterious and controversial account of a priest in Ecuador involving claims of unknown civilizations, strange golden artifacts, a subterranean cave system containing a metallic library, depictions of strange figures connecting America to Sumeria, symbols depicting an unknown language, evidence of extra-terrestrial contact, and a Vatican conspiracy involving thousands of missing artifacts. But how much of the story is true?

Cueva de los Tayos and the Lost Metal Library: Part 1

Cueva de los Tayos Spanish, "Cave of the Oilbirds " is a cave located on the eastern slopes of the Andes mountains in the Morona-Santiago province of Ecuador. According to the last GPS measurement in , its altitude is m above sea level. Located at an elevation of about m within thinly-bedded limestone and shale , the principal entrance to Cueva de Los Tayos is within a rainforest at the bottom of a dry valley. The largest of three entrances is a meter-deep shaft leading to 4. The cave has a vertical range of meters with its lowest point ending in a sump. The cave has long been used by the native Shuar Indians who descend into the cave each spring using vine ladders and bamboo torches to collect fledgeling tayos the nocturnal Steatornis caripensis. Written references to the cave go back as far as and it is known to have been visited by gold-seekers and military personnel in the s.

The Mystery Of The Metal Library

Sign in. Watch now. Title: Hunt for the Metal Library 31 Jan Josh travels through the jungles of Ecuador to explore the watery depths of Tayos Cave for a legendary set of metal plates believed to be created by an advanced ancient civilization. Tayos Cave in Ecquador is an incredible site and exploration. It is a mixture of huge caverns and narrow corridors, some of it looking human made.




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