What floor is the ice on in madison square garden

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Shocked that arena is not on ground... - Madison Square Garden

what floor is the ice on in madison square garden

Madison Square Garden transformation time-lapse

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I am not a sports fan I follow one sport and one sport only. I had been given tickets and had no idea where my seats were but going up, up and up the elevators told me that I had nose bleed seats I had floor seats! Who knew the arena was no on ground level? Very fun experience!

New York City Subway :. PATH : 33rd Street. Located in Midtown Manhattan between 7th and 8th Avenues from 31st to 33rd Streets, it is situated atop Pennsylvania Station. The Garden is used for professional ice hockey and basketball, as well as boxing, concerts, ice shows, circuses, professional wrestling and other forms of sports and entertainment. Originally called Madison Square Garden Center , the Garden opened on February 11, , and is the oldest major sporting facility in the New York metropolitan area. Several other operating entities related to the Garden share its name. Two venues called Madison Square Garden were located just northeast of the square, the first from to , and the second from to

Madison Square Garden, the arena Knicks and Rangers fans and all NYC . To create the ice, pipes in the concrete are used to chill the floor, and then the ice.
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The scene outside Madison Square Garden begins to form, leading into a busy 15 hours of sports at the world-famous arena. The fans will flow through the corridors as the arena hosts hockey, basketball and boxing in one day. At noon in the iconic main arena, perennial powerhouse Kentucky battles Monmouth during an early season matchup. Far from Lexington, Kentucky, fans and players alike are right at home in a venue they've traveled to many times before. As soon as the court empties, the transformation to a hockey rink begins. Floor panels are removed, advertisements are changed, seating is rearranged and the boards are put in. A short walk and escalator ride down from the main arena brings fans to the Theater, where during a late-night bout junior lightweight world titleholder Vasiliy Lomachenko dominates Guillermo Rigondeaux for a TKO victory in Round 6.

It is also the name of the entity which owns the arena and several of the professional sports franchises which play there. There have been four incarnations of the arena. Subsequently a new 17,seat Garden opened December 15, was built at 50th Street and 8th Avenue, and the current Garden opened February 14, is at 7th Avenue between 31st and 33rd Streets, situated on top of Pennsylvania Station. The arena lends its name to the Madison Square Garden Network , a cable television network that broadcasts most sporting events that are held in the Garden, as well as concerts and entertainment events that have taken place at the venue. It is controlled by the Madison Square Garden, L. Madison Square Garden derives its name from the park where the first two gardens were located Madison Square on Madison Avenue at 26th Street.

The Seventh Avenue entrance was totally redone this summer. The arena doors are now located at the top of these steps, in front of the entrance to the theater. Beyond those doors is an area called Chase Square, which is more open than this space was pre-renovation. On the right of this photo — taken from the south side of the lobby area — is a Madison Square Garden store. The new, larger center-hung scoreboard.

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