What is the most haunted cemetery in the world

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The Quick 10: 10 of America's Most Haunted Cemeteries

what is the most haunted cemetery in the world

The Most Haunted Town in America! Alton, Illinois


Many of the cemeteries all over the world are known as scary because of many reasons. Some of them are very dark and deserted and many of them are disturbed by natural disasters. As a result of all these facts these cemeteries have become most haunted place in the world. Here is a list of some of the haunted as well as famous cemeteries in the world. Located in Baltimore, this cemetery is one of the most prominent cemeteries in the world. It is the resting place of many army generals of War of and some other renowned persons. Though only a certain parts of this burial ground is accessible now a days through the Westminster Presbyterian Church where ghosts presence is believed.

I live just across the street from a cemetery, and this time of year it's certainly not hard to creep myself out a little bit when walking the dogs after work - especially in the evening when the sun is sinking below the horizon, giving everything an eerie glow. But despite scaring myself, I can't say that I've heard of any actual hauntings or sightings that have happened there. That's not the case for these 10 cemeteries, which are considered to be some of the spookiest sites in the U. Here they are, in no particular order:. Louis Cemetery 1, New Orleans. There are three St. Louis Cemeteries in the Big Easy, but 1 is said to be the most haunted.

Louis is famous for its tours , which take you directly to the tomb of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau. It is said that her spirit haunts the graveyard and that she continues to help those who dare knock on her tomb. If you've never witnessed a poltergeist and you want to then you need to go see Greyfriars' poltergeist of Sir George Mackenzie. According to visitors and tour guides, the poltergeist is capable of physically attacking people. There are tours which take people to the site where the poltergeist resides. Stull Cemetery is also called The Gates of Hell because it's believed to be one of the many entrances to the netherworld. It is also believed that the whole graveyard is filled with evil forces, especially near the church.

Cemeteries can be places of great beauty. The thought of so many bodies just a few feet beneath the ground has led to graveyards often associated with ghostly, haunting, and the occult. Located in North London, this cemetery was opened in and is the resting places for over , people. Its grounds contain many elaborate tombs and catacombs, and several famous individuals have been buried here, including Karl Marx. The cemetery is well known for high-profile haunting, and many visitors to the cemetery have reported feeling unseen touches, seeing ghostly apparitions, and hearing strange sounds emanating from its historic morsels. Rumors about satanic cults meeting on the cover of darkness in the cemetery have also been circulating for decades.

5 Most Haunted Cemeteries In The World

Top 5 Most Haunted Cemeteries in the State of Texas

Although cemeteries can be places of tranquility for some, for others cemeteries arouse fear and trepidation. Some who have traversed cemeteries tell stories of gripping ghost encounters that could convince even staunch skeptics not to walk the grounds of cemeteries that are supposedly laced with paranormal activity. Either way, we thought you'd like this list of some of the allegedly spookiest cemeteries our state has to offer. Unfortunately, decades of ghost stories have encouraged some people to vandalize memorials and other cemetery property. If you do plan to visit any of the cemeteries listed below, please be respectful and make sure you're not trespassing! In no particular order, here are 13 of the most haunted cemeteries in Illinois, according to hauntedplaces.

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13 of the Most Haunted Cemeteries in Illinois

Texas has long been known for some blood-curdling stories of hauntings that would make you want to leave the lights on at night, not the least of which come from the final not-so-peaceful resting places found throughout the state. Those who enjoy the scary tours and trips around Texas that speak of these legendary ghouls are sure to get a stir from the top 5 most haunted cemeteries this state has to offer. Tours are regularly scheduled for some of the more popular ones. For others, you simply need to muster up the courage to make the trip yourself. The Lubbock Cemetery has long been fancied as one of the most haunted cemeteries in Texas due to its close proximity to an abandoned railway trestle situated just behind it. Adding to the already creepy fact that more than 60K grave sites can be found there, the Texas Paranormal Research Society has stated their strong belief that angry spirits have made a home there. We are your resource for Hill Country travel, things to do, places to eat, places to stay, tourism, events, lodging, and we feature Texas Hill Country info of all manners.

Cemeteries are creepy places to be at the best of times. After all, it is disconcerting to think that you are surrounded by the corpses of hundreds if not thousands of people. So, when you throw a few ghost stories and unexplained events into the mix it really takes the spookiness to a whole new level! The cemetery at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Baltimore, Maryland is apparently the home of the screaming skull. The legend states that a minister was murdered here and every night at the same time his skull would start screaming. Eventually, his body was dug up and the skull gagged before being encased in a concrete block that now stands by his gravestone. According to locals, it is still possible to hear the muffled screaming on still nights.

It is also a favorite destination for those seeking ghostly encounters. The numerous ghosts and apparitions, mysterious sounds and sights are believed to be caused by the tragic deaths of the thousands of victims of the Yellow Fever Epidemic and the many dueling deaths that were too numerous to count. Whatever the cause, it is not disputed that this historic cemetery has its share of eerie events. Many who visit say they have seen Rene Rondolier hanging from that same tree; others say they saw him walking amongst the graves. The other sightings and mysterious encounters include voices, shadowy figures and more. Located along the Wilmington River, Bonaventure Cemetery is known for its gorgeous magnolia, dogwood and live oaks, colorful azaleas and interesting tombstones. This beautiful setting has made the more than year-old burial ground one of the most photographed cemeteries in the country.

Cemeteries around the world have gained a reputation for being haunted by ghosts for many reasons, including grave robbery, unmarked or forgotten burials, natural disasters that disturb resting places, or sometimes even because the deceased was not properly buried at all. Add all of that to the fact that graveyards are often dark, somber places and you've got the perfect setting for a ghost or two. Come explore some of the world's most haunted cemeteries
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